Monday, July 31, 2006

Christian Love for FSM

Remember all the commotion awhile back about the Flying Spaghetti Monster? All of us atheists had a good laugh. But the Christians didn't. In fact, from the looks of the hatemail section of the FSM site, there are still plenty of Christians to this day who are discovering the Flying Spaghetti Monster for the first time and promptly firing off emails that so wonderfully encompass the loving nature of the Christian.

Let's peruse some of the FSM's more recent Christian hatemails lovemails!

This first one was sent today. It's great to finally see a Christian who is honest enough to proclaim the moral justice (according to their Holy Book) of eternally torturing your own creation in the hottest Hell imaginable merely for their mocking of you by imagining a spaghetti God. I wonder if this Christian parent would be consistent and throw their "small babies" in an oven when, inevitably, said Christian parent was actually mocked by his/her children?

If I was your creator and you mocked me in this manner I couldn't think of a hell hot enough for you. It is really sad to think that at Judgement you will be standing in front of God Almighty and he will look at you and say "Depart from me ye worker of iniquity, I never knew you" And to think, God let you be born, blessed you with health and love in your life and with what do you honor Him? With such vile mockeries of his Deity. I am sick to my stomach that my small babies will live in such a disgusting generation where God is no longer the source of strength and power.

The next Christian hatemailer has a grasp of logic that rivals even Paul Manata's. I sure hope I never have to debate this guy! He might get me to re-convert to Christianity:

I find your site degrading and offensive. God does not allow for the type of logical fallicies you promote on your site. For instance, why would a perfect, infanate being have to rest for three days after creation? The bible clearly establishes a maximum one to six day resting ratio for the creation of the universe by an infante being. Ok, I'll be sympathetic to your tortured logic and explain how mankind knows that the bible is the word of god. 1. the bible is infallible.

The next Christian, after "proving" the truth of the Bible with impeccable intellectual prowess, declares Bobby (creator of FSM) to be a tool of Satan, expresses a wish for Bobby to burn forever in a lake of fire, and then signs off with the line "With Love". How deliciously 1984-ish. Well maybe this is one Christian that really does love his enemies:

You are the biggest hypocrite I have ever been exposed to; throughout your page you repeatedly assert that evolution is the only "scientific" explanation of the origin of species, yet right on your front page you say that such absurd theories as the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" should also be incorporated into public high school science curriculum. So let me explain this to you nice and slow; the Bible is the answer, it is what is to be differed to at all times; the Bible is 100% true- it says so in the Bible... I noticed some of you other readers correctly pointed out, if you question things your are a tool of Satan. You don't need to question, God does all the thinking for us; he actually has a degree in Philosophy. Abortion is wrong, it says so in the bible, I dare you to go look it up- you probably won't find it, but that's just because your gay, which is also wrong- it says so in the Bible. Now some of us will be wondering the justification for that moral assertion, but remember the Bible is flawless- it says so in the Bible...

...As a Christian, I follow Jesus for his teachings of love and tolerance; it is people like you who make me sick, I hope you die in a lake of fire and get your eyes pecked out by crows, so that you may go to hell and exist for eternity in a lake of fire getting your eyes pecked out by crows.

With love,


Next comes the best one. A Christian whose email address includes the phrase "jesusmarine" sends 8 or so hatemails with threats to sue and such. But the first email that "jesusmarine" sends is the best. This guy spreads Christian love so effectively that he's just got to be a member of Force Ministries. I mean, what better way is there to impart faith in Christ than in full combat gear while wielding an AR-15 with an attached night scope?

I do believe you are a fucking retard and I hope you burn in hell. Fuck you and the flying spaghetti monster...

You obviously think life is just a big damn joke. Its all for humor and entertainment. I look forward to the day it fucks you right in the ass. Lets try this...I'm going to go very sloooooowly for you Bobby. Retarded Bobby Henderson....will burn in hell unless you give your life to Jesus Christ.

Did I mention that this guy is part of the "don't ask, don't tell" United States Military program? Apparently he loves to fantasize about atheists and Pastafarians getting fucked in the ass.

But JesusMarine isn't the only Christian hatemailer who is obsessed with assplay. A Christian named Seth makes a few statements that expose a bit too much about the way his mind works:

when god asks you "Why should I let you into Heaven?" what are you going to say? "let me in because i mocked you my entire pathetic life, said there was a god better than you, made of spaghetti and meatballs. let me in." right. thats the point you go to hell. you are a stupid little guy with no girlfriend, so you're depressed. writing about your fake, gay loving man whore god. to get attention. all its gonna get you is a foot so far up your a** your gonna have ingrown toenails growin out your ears. you need to stop this stuff. all you're doing is getting yourself closer and closer and closer. to hell. not heaven. not paradise. not getting laid. not having children. not having a penis. nothing. shut the heck up already. no one likes you..except your gay friends who believe all this stupid crap. and whoever they are.. i hope they use protection with eachother, along with you. tonight. oh by the way. i am having spaghetti and meatballs tonight u little prick. i think i will just throw it in the trash cause thats where it belongs. along with your fake whack religion and fake god. so have a nice day, and hope u have fun gettin raped by your spaghetti and meatball, FAKE god.

Sincerely, Seth

Another Christian gets straight into necrophilic fantasies. Maybe this Christian got his ideas from thinking too hard about a 3-day decomposed body reanimating?

people like you are scum, I hope you die by the hands of some sick perverted guy who will skullfuck you and then use your skin to make lampshades.

The next guy is so full of drugs and hate that all he wants to do is snort lines off of dead bodies and watch everyone on the planet except for him burn in Hell forever. I wonder if this Christian frequents the Rapture Ready forums?

your a fuckin faggot and burn in hell. if i knew you personally id slit your throat and watch you suffer as i laugh and do a fat cocaine like off of your dead body. I would then light you on fire, light my cigerette off of the ashes, smoke weed with the fire and piss on the ashes. then i would take your ashes roll them into a blunt and smoke them. i hope you fuckin burn in hell along with everyother piece of shit on this planet.

Another Christian seems to think that mocking someone is worse than eternal suffering. If God is indeed kinder to Bobby than Bobby is being to God, then would that mean that God merely mocks Bobby just a little bit for his blasphemy and unbelief and then lets him into heaven?

Hopefully God will be more merciful to you than you are to Him.

The next Christian is actually frightened by Bobby's lack of fear. Yes, that's right. If there's anything that scares me in this life, it's a lack of fear! George Orwell would have a field day with this doubleplusgood nonsense:

I believe that the most frightening situation a human being can be in is to lose the fear of their Creator, fear that brings about wisdom, understanding, honor, humility, service to their family, church and neighbors. It is a fear that seeks to give their creator all of the glory, fear that acts as a boundary trying, lovingly, to prevent us from venturing into self destructive sin and choosing evil, fear that allows us to leave if we wish but desperately desires that we return if only we would so choose. It is a fear that starts with an abhorence of our disrespect, rejection of our pride, but ends in the safety and security and peace that lies deep within, and far from, the threshold and conviction we know as the emotion called "fear."

Christianity certainly has a lot of love for its enemies. That Christian love is expressed through anal rape, fear as a virtue, necrophilia, death threats, and promises of eternal damnation.

To see older FSM hatemail from loving Christians, click here.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Christoids Shout "Hallelujah!" as Innocents Die in Israel and Lebanon

Thanks to the esteemed Cay of Galileo's Dream for bringing this to my attention.

Nothing makes Christoids quite as happy as when war breaks out in the Israel/Palestine/Lebanon/Syria area of the Middle East. Their joy increases in proportion to the amount of death and destruction that takes place there. This is because the Christoids' favorite fairy tale book, the Bible, promises an escape from the hardships of objective reality (in the form of Armageddon and Rapture) when 1) blood begins to spill at about 1000 Gallons per minute, and 2) bombs begin to drop at about 1000 tons per minute, anywhere around the geographic region known as Israel.

Okay, I made up those 1000 gallons/tons per minute figures, but it is well known that the more blood is spilled and the more bombs are dropped in that region, the more likely the Rapture will occur in the minds of the Christoids. This makes them very happy, because as I've written before, Christoids worship death.

Now let's take a look at the Media Matters article that Cay was so kind enough to point out to me. Apparently, since the start of the latest hemorrhage of innocent blood in Israel/Lebanon, media outlet CNN has had two segments about the Rapture in three days time:

For the second time in three days, CNN featured a segment on the potential coming of the Apocalypse, as indicated by current conflicts in the Middle East. The July 26 edition of CNN's Live From ... featured a nine-minute segment in which anchor Kyra Phillips discussed the Apocalypse and the Middle East with Christian authors Jerry Jenkins and Joel C. Rosenberg -- who share the view that the Rapture is nigh. At one point in the discussion, Phillips asked Rosenberg whether she needed "to start taking care of unfinished business and telling people that I love them and I'm sorry for all the evil things I've done," to which Rosenberg replied: "Well, that would be a good start." Throughout the segment, the onscreen text read: "Apocalypse Now?"

The Media Matters article continues with a transcript of an on-air dialogue with Jerry Jenkins, co-author of the 63-million-sold Left Behind series of apocalyptic books. CNN basically ate up everything this death-worshipping Christoid had to say, and totally legitimized his ridiculous vision of the end of the world via gratuitous bloodletting in a tiny sand-covered portion of the Middle East. You should read the whole thing.

So why is CNN giving so much airtime to end-of-the-world superstitionist prophecy? Because CNN is a for-profit organization, and CNN knows who it's customers are. CNN knows that most of it's customers are Christoids, and most Christoids want the world to end as the Bible tells them it will. They want a cosmic dictator to sweep down and save them from a reality where object has primacy over subject; to save them from a world where people think differently than they do; to save them from a world where their own beliefs are not universally recognized as truth; to save them from the deep-down fear that their consciousnesses might cease to exist after their bodies expire.

The Christoids want all these things, and they want them at any price. They don't care how many innocent children are killed in the process. They don't care how badly the societies in the Middle East are ruined in the process. They will continue to give free Apache Helicopters and free Abrams Tanks and free Laser Guided Bombs to the Israelis as long as the Israelis keep using them to set the whole region aflame.

At the end of the CNN interview, Kyra Phillips says something rather telling about the Christoids:

Joel Rosenberg and Jerry Jenkins, you both scare me, but you both fascinate me.

Personally, I am more scared than fascinated by the bloodlust of these Christoids, but I am morbidly fascinated nonetheless. It is fascinating to see how people in this day and age can believe in, and want, such horrible things. It is fascinating to see how people in this day and age can be so rebellious against reality. But more importantly, it is scarier than shit to see these same people controlling the major events in the world today and actually bring about the murder and destruction that they so desperately desire.

It is the ideas of God and the afterlife that bring about such destruction. While humans can be destroyed with bombs and guns, ideas cannot. The only way to fight ideas is with other ideas. Our battle is not with people, but with ideas. These twisted Christoids believe that by waging war they are saving their lives, while we know that by waging war our lives are being destroyed. By definition, pro-afterlifers don't believe in actual death. But us reality-based people know better. We must win the ideological war against all the pro-afterlife superstitionists. Our very lives depend on it.

We must Kill The Afterlife.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Foolishness of Belief

My friend Josh Brisby at The Reformed Oasis recently made a post titled The Foolishness of Unbelief. In the post, Josh quotes Dr. Greg Bahnsen:

Dr. Greg Bahnsen made an excellent statement which I think sums up the foolishness of unbelieving thought. He said the following:

“It is not a mark of rationality for a person to assert one thing, but then to live contrary to it.”

He added,

“The life of the unbeliever is riddled with such inconsistency. He will presuppose human dignity and attend a funeral to honor a dead friend or relative, even though he previously argued that man is, in principle, no different from any other product of evolution like a horse or dog. The unbeliever will insist that man is nothing more than a complex of bio-chemical factors controlled by the laws of physics—and then kiss his wife and children when he goes home, as though they share love with each other. He will argue that in sexual relations ‘anything goes’ (there are no moral absolutes)—but then indignantly condemn child molesters or morally repudiate necrophilia. He will suggest that the things which happen in the universe happen randomly—by ‘chance’—but then turn around and look for regularities, law-like explanations of events, and uniformity or predictability in the things studied by natural science. The non-Christian does not have a workable worldview, and he exposes its weakness at every turn in his life.”

Josh then finished his post with a thanks to God and a prayer.

First, a few comments on Dr. Bahnsen's straw man of the unbeliever:

1) Unbelief does not contain a moral system within it, but that does not mean that unbelievers do not have a moral system. Unbelievers have a much wider variety of moral systems to choose (or not choose) than any man of faith has. And it shows, for there are many kinds of moral systems championed by many types of unbelievers. This blanket statement by Bahnsen is just as ignorant as saying something like, "All Mexicans are Mary-worshipping Catholic border jumpers".

2) Unbelievers do not all insist that man is nothing more than a complex of bio-chemical factors controlled by the laws of physics. Many unbelievers believe in free will for example. Calvinists cannot even make that claim.

3) Unbelievers do not believe in sexual relations that anything goes. In fact, I have never even met an atheist who feels this way, and I've met quite a few atheists. Again, this is as ignorant as claiming that all Mexicans are Catholic border jumpers.

4) Dr. Bahnsen has absolutely no understanding of the concept of chance and its relation to natural predictable behavior of material entities and their respective properties. Yet he relies on these things every time he places a Bible on a table assuming that gravity will keep it there (unless Dr. Bahnsen believes in Intelligent Falling).

I definitely agree with the first statement that Josh quoted, "It is not a mark of rationality for a person to assert one thing, but then to live contrary to it." But I most definitely disagree with the rest of the quote.

Allow me to toss in my own analysis of belief in the Biblical God, based on Dr. Bahnsen's statement that "It is not a mark of rationality for a person to assert one thing, but then to live contrary to it."

The life of the man of faith is riddled with such inconsistency. He will presuppose the sorrow of death and mourn at a funeral to honor a dead friend or relative, even though he previously argued that man's ultimate destination, Heaven, is so incredibly blissful that it makes Earthly life seem like Hell by comparison. The man of faith will insist that man is nothing more than a slave to God, wholly owned by God and owing all of his being, love, and consideration to God, and then the man of faith will commit daily actions that serve no other interest but his own: buying his favorite sports car, watching his favorite TV show, pursuing the woman that he is most attracted to, securing the most profitable business deal. All of these actions are committed solely for the man of faith's own personal values. The man of faith will argue that in sexual relations 'only married sex is moral sex' but will almost certainly have premarital sex and even cheat on his spouse. The Catholic Priests are the worst of the bunch, championing marriage-only sex in the Cathedrals while putting their hands down the pants of prepubescent boys. The profession of the Catholic Priest has the highest child molestation rate in the Western world, closely followed by the Protestant preacher profession. The man of faith will state that the things that happen in the universe happen because of God, but will then turn around and take direct action to serve his own needs, clearly implying that he subconsciously knows that he must take matters into his own hands if his values are to be fulfilled, rather than -in practice- 'giving it up to God'. The Bible never said, "God helps those who help themselves." The man of faith does not have a workable worldview, and he rarely attempts to conduct his life within that worldview anyway. The man of faith exposes the weakness of his worldview every time he commits an action other than prayer or Bible study.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Clarification: I Mock God, Not Drugs

It appears that I wasn't too clear on what I was ridiculing in my last post: drugs or God. In this blog I have repeatedly equated spiritual experiences and God belief with drugs and insanity. Some of my readers got the impression that I was criticizing drug use.

While criticizing drug use in itself was definitely not my intention, looking at what I previously wrote, it is now apparent to me that I didn't clarify enough what I was ridiculing.

The reason I have compared drug experiences to God in this blog is not to ridicule drugs, but to ridicule God and afterlife belief. You see, when I do drugs, I am aware that there are chemicals in my body that are distorting my perception. I am aware that the effects of the drug are because of the drug, and nothing more. I enjoy the perspective shift that the drug brings while being aware of the source of that perspective shift.

Some people nowadays don't do that too well. And I am willing to bet that in the past, before modern science and medicine existed, many people would pop a few mushroom caps and then genuinely believe that their experiences were God-based rather than Mushroom-based.

A recent example that comes to mind is Alex Grey. Alex Grey does the artwork for my favorite rock band of all time, Tool. I once saw Alex Grey at an art and music exhibition in Hollywood (or was it Santa Monica?). I listened to a speech from him where he talked about using LSD as a creative tool for his art. That message was cool enough: Using a perceptual tool to assist one with their creative expression. And Alex's artwork is nothing if not creative (Have you seen the artwork for the latest Tool album, 10,000 days? It's fucking amazing).

But then Alex Grey got all batshit on me. His speech turned toward talk of a "oneness" that can be felt/seen/experienced through the use of LSD. Alex began to get very spiritual in his speech and alluded to this "oneness" being some kind of God or a conscious and singular spiritual power. Alex Grey, right in front of my eyes, explained how he really believed that a chemical he put in his head somehow got him to perceive an outside spiritual entity.

The lesson here is that even cool people who make art for cool rock bands (with very anti-religious messages) can still get confused and forget that what they see while on these drugs is all an illusion and inside their heads.

When I am on drugs, I am aware of the fact that my experience is an internally-based illusion. And after the drugs wear off, I reflect on that fact. But too many people seem to be unaware of this, or they at least forget it. People forget that these drugs are called hallucinogens for a reason. They make you see things that aren't there!

When you look through a kaleidoscope for example, you have to remember that those patterns aren't really there; it's an illusion brought about by the lens in the kaleidoscope that distorts your perception.

So, for the record, I support responsible drug use. And responsible drug use means understanding that you are experiencing drugs, not God, when you are trippin' your ass off.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Magic Mushrooms: A Path to God?

In a recent double-blind government study, the chemical psilocybin, which causes the "trip" effect of Magic Mushrooms, was found to cause profound mystical or spiritual experiences for it's users:

What's more, most of the 36 adult participants -- none of whom had taken psilocybin before -- counted their experience while under the influence of the drug as "among the most meaningful and spiritually significant experiences of their lives," Griffiths said. Most said they became better, kinder, happier people in the weeks after the psilocybin session -- a fact corroborated by family and friends.

I don't doubt these findings at all. I've written before about psychedelics and finding God. The article elaborates further:

So, is this "God in a pill"? Griffiths said answering questions of religion or spirituality far exceeds the scope of studies like these.

"We know that there were brain changes that corresponded to a primary mystical experience," he said. "But that finding -- as precise as it may get -- will in no way inform us about the metaphysical question of the existence of a higher power."

He likened scientific attempts to seek God in the human brain to experiments where scientists watch the neurological activity of people eating ice cream.

"You could define exactly what brain areas lit up and how they interplay, but that shouldn't be used as an argument that chocolate ice cream does or doesn't exist," Griffiths said.

True, this study doesn't have much to do with whether or not God exists. However, this study does show that a good dose of hallucinogens will sure help you think you found God! And there's something that's just unsettling about the idea of hallucinogens convincing someone that they have a mystical connection to a psychic super space fairy.

You know, besides finding God, there's something else that Magic Mushrooms make you do: piss yourself. Yes, I'm serious. Have you ever seen a person tripping on an eighth of mushrooms? Sometimes, they piss their pants. There's something about the drug that makes your bladder want to let it all go.

In a nutshell, the same recreational tool that makes you piss yourself and see things that aren't there is the same tool that helps you find your spiritual connection to God.

This whole God/afterlife thing seems to be a two-way street. As I've shown so many times before on this blog, belief in God and the afterlife makes you insane. And now we have evidence that making yourself temporarily insane (through hallucinogens) makes you find God and/or the afterlife.

Belief in God and the afterlife is a way to escape reality, just like taking hallucinogens.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Andrea Yates: A True Death-Denying Christian

Andrea Yates' faith is not to be doubted. According to a recent article, in a prison interview, Andrea declared that she doesn't believe in death as we know it:

"In their innocence, I thought they would go to heaven," Yates told Dr. Lucy Puryear about five weeks after the June 20, 2001, drownings. "I just -- since they were so young," she stammered before trailing off and starting to cry.

Andrea Yates did not believe that killing her children would result in their actual non-existence. Andrea Yates believed in the afterlife - life after death. Andrea Yates believed that death wasn't really death, but just a passageway to another dimension or stage of life.

And that is the problem with life after death and afterlife belief. Such beliefs remove the real meaning from the word "death". Why don't we take a look at the dictionary definition of death:

The act of dying; termination of life.

Death is, by definition, termination of life. The phrase "life after death" becomes meaningless. It's like saying "bachelorhood after marriage".

Of course, many afterlifers will take issue with my use of the dictionary definition. Many afterlifers would respond by saying "death only means termination of life as we know it in this reality" or something of the sort. Well then I ask them in response "then what word would actually describe the termination of life, period? The concept exists, so it needs a word."

And in popular usage, people recognize the dictionary definition of the word death that I quoted. Ask any John Doe on the street if they agree that the word "death" means "termination of life" and they will certainly agree with the definition.

When one believes in the afterlife, then that person cannot believe in "death" or "termination of life". Death becomes redefined to mean something other than "termination of life". Instead it becomes a term to describe a way to achieve a different life, and an allegedly better life.

Andrea Yates recognized as much. She believed that the afterlife would somehow be better than this existence, and she wanted her children to go there. I daresay that Andrea Yates murdered her children out of love. She clearly murdered them because she believed she was helping them, as crazy as that sounds.

And afterlife belief is most definitely crazy. It rules out, a priori, the ability for the existence of an individual's consciousness to be terminated. If belief in the ability for a person to die is removed from one's belief system, then it's hardly wrong, in that person's eyes, to die or to even murder someone. Andrea Yates did what any faithful true Christian should do out of concern for their children: send them to the afterlife - the better life. According to Christianity (and indeed all afterlife beliefs) those kids can't really "die" anyway.

Afterlife belief makes people do crazy things. That's because the afterlife is a crazy belief, and society (somewhat unknowingly) admits as much when it collectively responds with moral outrage at the infanticidal actions of Offspring Murder Club members such as Andrea Yates.

So many Americans share the beliefs of Andrea Yates: belief in a God, in an afterlife, in a blissful Heaven and an agonizing Hell, and belief that death isn't really death, but just a transition to another kind of life. So how do these people justify their condemnation of Yates' actions? Andrea Yates isn't being prosecuted for disobeying God's will, but for taking the lives of her children. She is being prosecuted for her murderous acts to the sovereign individual lives of her children. The only way that Yates’ fellow God-fearing Americans can justify their condemnation of her is through admitting the truth: that death = termination of life or conscious existence, and that there is no afterlife. And the beautiful part is that they implicitly admit this fact when they condemn Yates.

Afterlife belief negates death, and when you ignore the reality of death, you become much more susceptible to it (either by getting yourself killed or killing someone else).

Afterlife belief is anti-family. Afterlife belief is hazardous to the lives of everyone. It's either the afterlife, or us. So let's all go out and kill us some afterlife! Do it for the children!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Peter Pan and the Afterlife

Most humans in the world today believe in some form of afterlife. But is there any evidence for an afterlife? I don't think so.

There are generally two reasons why a person believes in a thing or idea:

1. Observed evidence forces a person to accept the proposition as true. For example, before telescopes, people used to believe the Earth was flat because it looked flat to them from their point of view. But once telescopes were developed, a new perspective was attained, and people eventually accepted that the Earth was spherical.

2. The desire to satisfy an emotional want or fear produces an idea independently of evidence. Sometimes these ideas are later defended through fake or misattributed evidence. For example, people are typically very afraid of the idea of their consciousness one day expiring, and are very distressed by the idea of death (which is reasonable), so they invent afterlife ideas to alleviate their fears and feel a kind of comfort through providing an answer to a burning question in their mind. Unfortunately, the reason for the idea being accepted (emotional desire) is no reason to suppose that the idea is correct at all.

Number 1 starts with evidence, and then ends with a conclusion. Number 2 starts with a desire for a satisfactory conclusion, provides the conclusion, and then sometimes goes around trying to find evidence for the conclusion after the fact. Number 1 is based on objective reality, and number 2 is based on subjective emotional desire. Which one is more likely to be true?

Now its time to play a game. I will propose two scenarios. In each scenario, think about the question posed at the end. Answer it in your head, and think about why you gave the answer you did to each scenario. Then think about afterlife belief, why people believe it, and if it is likely to be true:

Scenario 1: I insist to you that I can fly like Peter Pan. You ask me why I believe this. I inform you that I was given pixie dust by a fairy earlier in the day, and that I am thinking a happy thought, and suddenly my feet rise off the ground. I then shoot up into the sky like Peter Pan right before your very eyes. At this point, would you believe that I could fly like Peter Pan?

Scenario 2: I insist to you that I can fly like Peter Pan. You ask me why I believe this. I tell you that I believe it because a fairy visited me and told me that I could. I also say that it "feels" to me like I can fly when I think about the ability. I tell you that I read a book that described Neverland where a boy named Peter Pan could fly at will, and that a fairy who knows Peter Pan told me that I had this ability as well. I also ask you if you would like to be able to fly like Peter Pan as well. I also say that if you think you can't fly like Peter Pan, then you've already defeated yourself. But when you ask me to demonstrate to you that I can fly, I tell you that I can't to it yet, or at least not at the moment. And when you ask me to produce the fairy, or some evidence of the fairy telling me this, I tell you that I cannot provide any fairy evidence. At this point, would you believe that I could fly like Peter Pan?

What can we say about afterlife belief? Is there evidence for it? I have not seen any evidence for it, although I have seen evidence against it. To be fair, some people indeed think they have seen evidence for it. If any of my readers know of any "evidence" for the afterlife, I invite them to provide it in the comments section.

But many afterlife-believers will admit that they have not seen evidence for the afterlife. They just believe it because of faith, or because of a holy book, or because of what their parents or friends told them. To those people I ask them to reflect on why they specifically believe in an afterlife (in other words, how they acquired that belief), and if that reason is justified.

I should also note that some people believe that they have "evidence" for an afterlife through a message from God, Jesus, Allah, or other deity that spoke directly to them through telepathy or some other (unverifiable outside of their own head) means. To those people I ask them why they think that it was another entity communicating to them, and not just their own minds telling them what they want to hear? And I ask them if they can present any evidence to support their belief of having a deity communicate directly to them?

And if they really do believe that a deity spoke to them just because they "feel" it, then would they believe me if I insisted that I could fly simply through proof of my "feeling" it, and through my insistence that a fairy told me personally that I could?