Thursday, July 27, 2006

Christoids Shout "Hallelujah!" as Innocents Die in Israel and Lebanon

Thanks to the esteemed Cay of Galileo's Dream for bringing this to my attention.

Nothing makes Christoids quite as happy as when war breaks out in the Israel/Palestine/Lebanon/Syria area of the Middle East. Their joy increases in proportion to the amount of death and destruction that takes place there. This is because the Christoids' favorite fairy tale book, the Bible, promises an escape from the hardships of objective reality (in the form of Armageddon and Rapture) when 1) blood begins to spill at about 1000 Gallons per minute, and 2) bombs begin to drop at about 1000 tons per minute, anywhere around the geographic region known as Israel.

Okay, I made up those 1000 gallons/tons per minute figures, but it is well known that the more blood is spilled and the more bombs are dropped in that region, the more likely the Rapture will occur in the minds of the Christoids. This makes them very happy, because as I've written before, Christoids worship death.

Now let's take a look at the Media Matters article that Cay was so kind enough to point out to me. Apparently, since the start of the latest hemorrhage of innocent blood in Israel/Lebanon, media outlet CNN has had two segments about the Rapture in three days time:

For the second time in three days, CNN featured a segment on the potential coming of the Apocalypse, as indicated by current conflicts in the Middle East. The July 26 edition of CNN's Live From ... featured a nine-minute segment in which anchor Kyra Phillips discussed the Apocalypse and the Middle East with Christian authors Jerry Jenkins and Joel C. Rosenberg -- who share the view that the Rapture is nigh. At one point in the discussion, Phillips asked Rosenberg whether she needed "to start taking care of unfinished business and telling people that I love them and I'm sorry for all the evil things I've done," to which Rosenberg replied: "Well, that would be a good start." Throughout the segment, the onscreen text read: "Apocalypse Now?"

The Media Matters article continues with a transcript of an on-air dialogue with Jerry Jenkins, co-author of the 63-million-sold Left Behind series of apocalyptic books. CNN basically ate up everything this death-worshipping Christoid had to say, and totally legitimized his ridiculous vision of the end of the world via gratuitous bloodletting in a tiny sand-covered portion of the Middle East. You should read the whole thing.

So why is CNN giving so much airtime to end-of-the-world superstitionist prophecy? Because CNN is a for-profit organization, and CNN knows who it's customers are. CNN knows that most of it's customers are Christoids, and most Christoids want the world to end as the Bible tells them it will. They want a cosmic dictator to sweep down and save them from a reality where object has primacy over subject; to save them from a world where people think differently than they do; to save them from a world where their own beliefs are not universally recognized as truth; to save them from the deep-down fear that their consciousnesses might cease to exist after their bodies expire.

The Christoids want all these things, and they want them at any price. They don't care how many innocent children are killed in the process. They don't care how badly the societies in the Middle East are ruined in the process. They will continue to give free Apache Helicopters and free Abrams Tanks and free Laser Guided Bombs to the Israelis as long as the Israelis keep using them to set the whole region aflame.

At the end of the CNN interview, Kyra Phillips says something rather telling about the Christoids:

Joel Rosenberg and Jerry Jenkins, you both scare me, but you both fascinate me.

Personally, I am more scared than fascinated by the bloodlust of these Christoids, but I am morbidly fascinated nonetheless. It is fascinating to see how people in this day and age can believe in, and want, such horrible things. It is fascinating to see how people in this day and age can be so rebellious against reality. But more importantly, it is scarier than shit to see these same people controlling the major events in the world today and actually bring about the murder and destruction that they so desperately desire.

It is the ideas of God and the afterlife that bring about such destruction. While humans can be destroyed with bombs and guns, ideas cannot. The only way to fight ideas is with other ideas. Our battle is not with people, but with ideas. These twisted Christoids believe that by waging war they are saving their lives, while we know that by waging war our lives are being destroyed. By definition, pro-afterlifers don't believe in actual death. But us reality-based people know better. We must win the ideological war against all the pro-afterlife superstitionists. Our very lives depend on it.

We must Kill The Afterlife.


cay said...

thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

But Aaron, didn't you know that if you kill off all the leprechauns, the Unicorn queen and her Flying Spaghetti Monster King will come from Shangra-la and give us all magic tootsie pops?



Aaron Kinney said...

Im down, as long as I get a piece of the stipper factory and the beer volcano.


Anonymous said...

Back in about 1099ad Muslims, Eastern christians and Jews lived side by side in Palestine in harmony. The impoverished European monarchies the the Roman church were jealous of mid east prosperity and the crusades were the solution. When they got to Jerusalem they murdered all the non Christians. The world has never been the same.