Friday, August 18, 2006

So Long, Satire!

It appears that the parody atheist blog, Discomfiting Christianity, has fallen off the map. I am not sure, but I imagine that the owner of the blog realized that the satire thing had gone too far, and honest people were being impersonated and slandered.

Similarly, the parody Christian blog, Brother Blark has also disappeared, seemingly at my request (check the comments section of this post to see Brother Blark accept my request).

This makes me very happy. While I don't mind a little satire now and then, I do want some degree of up-frontness about it. Places like Landover Baptist at least have a notification on their site that they are a parody or satire page. In addition, they don't run around pretending to be serious apologists, nor do they jump into serious apologetic blogs and waste people's time with gags and misinformation.

The Discomfiter and Brother Blark were trying to inject their satire/parody blogs into a serious debate community. And while it was fairly apparent that they were joke blogs, they didn't admit it themselves. Technically, they were lying. No disclaimers, nothing.

And then the whole impersonation of John Loftus thing was way overboard, as if The Discomfiter's obsession with Loftus wasn't overboard enough already. The whole debacle quickly crossed the line into extremely bad taste. Whoever was impersonating John Loftus needs to take a good honest look at their own conduct and ask themselves how they would feel if someone did that to them.

So like I said, I am very happy that the satire has toned down. I don't want to see dishonesty from either side of the ideological fence. And I want to thank both The Discomfiter and Brother Blark for taking the more mature and reasonable route and closing down their blogs.


Anonymous said...

The ownwer of that blog was Frank Walton, the same guy who run's

He's somthing else. I think he's retarded, I mean like really retarded, like learning disabled.

Francois Tremblay said...

I wish Christianity actually had some morals in it, so we wouldn't have to correct Christians all the time.

Anonymous said...

yeah me too Frank!

There should be a law about parody.

Down with the Discomfiter, he was immoral.

Oh, and just so you know, the owner WAS NOT Frank Walton.

The Discomfiter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Aaron, why cross Discomfiting off your hit list.

You did NOTHING to take it down.

he had a pre-planned amount of posts and had pre planned to close it after the last one.
Why take credit like that?

Why give the false impression that you put a hit out on the big D and have taken him out?

That's not the case.

I wish atheism had morality, that way we wouldn't have to correct them all the time.

Anonymous said...

It was fairly clear that the Discomfiter was Paul Manata. Who else has such anger and venom bubbling within?

His record speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

If you look at atheismsucks.blogspot, you'll see some bullshit about the discomfiter suing Frank, that’s utter bullshit. Like everything that comes from the "mind" of Frank. So at the very least he's in on the dicomfiter thing.
It's funny to watch a fundie pretend to be an atheist, they just can't get it and come across looking quite transparent.

Plus, Paul Mantana can at the very least compose sentences; Frank can't string more than 8 words together before he commits some kind of error in grammar or spelling.

Anonymous said...

the owner was Paul Manata. Not only was it clearly his voice on Gene Kooks show, but Kook said it was him last night on his show, right before he spent 15 minutes insulting and degrading the bloggers here.

Anonymous said...

The evidence is gone now, but Paul Manata actually claimed "the discomfiter ain't me!" on the Discomfiter blog...

Another lie from Paul.

Another lie from another Christian.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll defer to your superior inside info.

Aaron Kinney said...

I never claimed credit for any of the blogs crossed off in my hit list.

The strikethrough is merely to indicate that the blog is now defunct, and is not an indicator of whether or not I had anything to do with the blogs demise.

And Im sooooo sure that Discomfiter planned on DELETING the blog from blogger entirely after the pre-set number of posts were done posting. Im sooooo sure that it had nothing at all to do with the whole impersonation thing. Yeah.

Wish atheism had morality huh? Wish that negative claims (no God) had positive attributes?

Well theres hope. Maybe if you pray to your God more and give more money to your church, God will grant you better Strawman-making skills and help you out with your cognitivie dissonance problems.

So get on your knees and pray already!

Hiraeth said...

However, we note that no-one except a fool could have mistaken Discomfiting Christianity as real. Your declaration that they were lies because they did not carry a disclaimer seems to me a little odd. Most TV spoofs do not carry disclaimers either (e.g. Knowing you, Knowing me with Alan Partridge; The Day Today), however, what goes on there is enough to make it clear to all that it is a parody. Similarly, the Cosmonautical argument should have made it very obvious this was parody.

I do agree that the thing with Loftus was way out of line. whoever did that should be ashamed of themself.

And might I further suggest that posting blog entries with the first letter of every word altered to spell KKK is hardly mature?

We cannot make other people behave as we would have them behave by simply telling them. We must also model correct behaviour.

The Green Man said...

The Green Man made the true nature of the Discomfiter known to all.

Aaron Kinney said...


While the content of Discomfiting Christianity made its satirical nature fairly obvious to anyone familiar with the atheism/theism debate world, it may not have been as obvious to others who werent familiar with these ideas.

I still think some kind of notification would have been more respectable. Even blogs like Jesus General have a satire disclaimer tucked away in there.

And "The Good The Bad The Ugly" was even more underhanded. Unless you already know about all of those listed blogs, and unless you know about university rowboat teams, it would have been very difficult to tell if that site was a joke or not. It fooled some atheists, and even fooled me for about 5 minutes.

And the whole KKK thing is just something I like to do with blog post titles that involve Christianity.

I am not going to stop throwing KKKs around when I reference Christianity, nor will I stop using the term "Christoids".

This blogs very title isnt mature either. Kill The Afterlife? Im trying to be a bit inflammatory here.

So while you are right about the immaturity of these kinds of titles, I want you to also know that I am aware of that and have exchanged "maturity" for something that I consider more important: calling a spade a spade.

The Uncredible Hallq said...

I have heard rumors that there's a disclaimer somewhere in OBJECTIVE: Ministries; is there?

Aaron Kinney said...


Yes there is. I found it once. But its hard to find. You got to look in the legalese section really carefully.