Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Insanity of Faith

Insane. Totally insane. Of course, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. But we need to keep showing our fellow humans the "water," for our own sake, and for theirs.

But the techno part at the end is really cool!

Thanks to Positive Blasphemy for posting the video.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, the techno part at the end summed up everything perfectly. It was a great blog. I hope I get to see more of this soon.

Aaron Kinney said...

Thanks tin263!

Positive Blasphemy is a great blog. It isnt updated often, but when it is, its always got good stuff in it.

Anonymous said...

That was heart wrenching to watch, but it is reality, thanks to religion.

Richard Dawkins did a documentary about religion being the root of all evil. You can check it out at youtube.com. My husband and I both watched and LOVED it!

Aaron Kinney said...

Thanx for the tip, say no to christ! :)

Roya said...

I agree as well. The end part also answers the theists assumption that atheist don't believe in anything and have no alternative to the sunday church.

Rose ~ said...

Well...we're in 2008 but it is not late to post a little comment, don't you think?

I have tought about this topic for some time before...and I came out with a personal conclusion. I do not profess any religion and It is not religion the main problem...the problem is ignorant people.

Remember that religion has also "improve" us as people...it is just like when you get addicted to alcohol...to much of one thin is not healty xD

Att: Rose
(Sorry 'bout my English xD)