Tuesday, August 29, 2006

There Is No Government Like NO Government

I’m not much for discussing politics on this blog, but I want to do a little promoting for my good friends and fellow anarchists, Adi11235 and Freedomoutsidethebox. They have a cleverly titled blog, There Is No Government Like NO Government.

It's a great blog. Adi11235 is a man I respect very much, and he is known for brutally effective resolves on Essembly. His logic is impeccable, his conduct is professional and respectful, and his intellect is admirable.

And Freedomoutsidethebox (who recently joined the blog) has great writing skills, and knows how to present an argument. If you are interested in politics and/or society, or if you’re just curious about what Market Anarchy is all about, I highly recommend that you regularly visit There Is No Government Like NO Government.


Anonymous said...

Jeebus, I really don't understand your admiration for this guy. This libertarian "anarchist" has one of the most inane defenses of the legal fiction of corporations I have ever read.

This guy needs to read other things than the libertarian gospel to expand his horizons. Lysander Spooner, who I admired as a naive youth, makes more sense than he does.

Aaron Kinney said...


Perhaps you would like to take your criticisms to Adi himself and see how he responds?

In all actuality, you made an assertion without providing any support or specifics, and then you lobbed an ad-hominem attack at Adi.

So in the interest of keeping this exchange constructive, what specific issues do you take with Adi's views on Corporations not being "legal fiction"?

Anonymous said...

Where is the ad hominem?

I have had this discussion with libertarians dozens of times on different blogs, maybe even here long long ago.

Frankly, I am tired of correcting the errors of 2O something year olds who have just discovered "libertarianism".

By thirty they mostly know better anyway.

His errors are so obvious that it is hardly worth responding to.

vjack said...

My understanding of anarchism is fairly limited. However, I'm always surprised to hear atheists talk favorably about it. Whether I like it or not, the state is the only thing standing between me and hordes of Christian extremists who would not hesitate to stone me if there were no legal consequences.