Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hitler's Goosestepping for God

I wrote a little piece over at Goosing the Antithesis regarding the ADL, natural selection, Hitler, and and Coral Ridge Ministries. In it, I argue that Hitler's exterminate-the-Jews campaign was simply not analogous to natural selection, but Godly selection, and I make use of specific examples.

Give it a read, and then let me know what you think in the comments section.


Dan Dufek said...
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tn said...

Makes sense to me. Your examples are the two-ton cherry resting on a delicious thesis. I would have loved to see more elaboration on your part, but really, in no time at all you've put to rest the argument for Hitler's 'natural selection'.

It just takes a little brain-power for uncommon sense to prevail.

Paul said...

Aaron ...I have not had the time to check out your entire blog...I don't know if my brain can take all the words...I am a picture guy myself. Thanks for your comments on mine.

Aaron Kinney said...

Thank you guys!

And Paul, yes I am a bit wordy and seldom post pictures/videos. I prefer to just write and write and write. But thank you for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

The ADL is bullshit. Under the guise of opposing racism and bigotry, Abe Foxman and the ADL promote their main interest: Israel. ADL is simply an Israel front group.

Look at the numerous pages of disinformation and outright lies about Palestine at the ADL(it should be IADL) site.

Foxman seems to think that he has the registered trademark for the Holocaust. What does this stupid tv show have to do with the supposed mission of the ADL?

"Through programs, publications and contact with officials, ADL interprets Israel to U.S. policy-makers, the media and the American public. ADL seeks to explain the political and security issues confronting Israel, educates about the complexities of the peace process, urges support of Israel and explains why a strong Israel is important and valuable to the United States and the Western world. The League also combats efforts to delegitimize Israel by the Arab world, the international community and the media. ADL's Jerusalem Office hosts fact-finding missions to Israel for American government leaders and other opinion-molders."

Israel is not "important and valuable" to the U.S. To the contrary, support for Israel harms American interests throughout the world.

The zionist ADL goes to all lengths to propagandize its boss;

"Fighting Back: A Handbook for Responding to Anti-Israel Rallies on College and University Campuses"

What does that have to do with opposing racism and bigotry in the U.S.? Go to the ADL site, it gets worse and worse. The ADL is a fraud.

Aaron Kinney said...


Im not defending the ADL. All Im doing is referencing the ADL in regards to the recent Christian claims that Darwinism = Holocaust.

Since when do you think that a materialistic atheist and anarchist who runs a blog called "Kill The Afterlife" is going to be on the ADL's side?

beepbeepitsme said...

hitler = eugenics = selective breeding = artifical selection.

darwin = evolution = natural selection

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Aaron Kinney said...

count me in for sure man!

beepbeepitsme said...

Welcome to the new blogroll :)

Rose said...
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Rose said...

How interesting that I stumble upon this after I questioned the idea that Hitler would be going to heaven in his mind. Isn't Hitler's actions one of the arguments against Evolution? And there is nothing natural about exterminating, I concur!

Aaron Kinney said...

well, "exterminating" in the way that Hitler did it was anti-evolution and anti-competition.

But the way Darwin meant "exterminating" was the obliteration of another kind of animal through superior competition in teh same environment for the same resources... not by brutalizing the other animal and removing it from the competitive playing field.

Anonymous said...

it's pretty safe to say that when one doesn't understand natural selection, he/she probably won't understand artificial selection. great post.