Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Doris Tracey is Confused About Death

Sean Prophet from BlackSun Journal wrote a post recently about the untimely death of Brianna Wilkins, a pretty 17 year old girl who, through the help of a very crappy book, became so obsessed with the moment of "now" that she forgot to think ahead far enough to eat food or drink water.

But this post isn't about her. It's about a lady named Doris Tracey who popped into the comments section and made some very unusual statements regarding Brianna, God, and death in general. I replied to her, and she replied back. I'm going to reproduce the comments here for all of your reading enjoyment. Doris will be quoted (indented), and my responses will be in normal text. In some instances I am directly quoting her in my response, and those quotes will be in italics:


I love your beautiful heartfelt message about Briannas tragic death and another wake-up call. Her soul was obviously not very happy here and was trying to find her way back to god in the only way she was taught how. May the Holy Spirit comfort her and her family in this hr of great tribulation!



You said:

"May the Holy Spirit comfort her..."

But you seem to be misunderstanding the facts of the situation. This poor woman is DEAD. Which means that there is no more "her."

The very phrase "afterlife" is a contradiction.

If this woman still existed, than there would be no tragedy to lament, would there? The only reason this situation is so sad is because this woman has died, and prematurely so. She no longer exists.

What part of the word "death" don’t you understand?

Hi Aaron,

Are you dead in Christ or alive? Evil is live spelled backwards.Death has always been an illusion and cannot exhist where life is. Death is a lie and its appearance has no power. Many people are dead in Christ until quickened by the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit is pure electrical energy and without that pure energy you are a mechanical robot or the living dead. Some souls will choose to remain dead and will lose their identity, God forbid. Choose life not death. If we ultimately die in the end there would be no reason for us to go on at all.


Hi Doris,

Thank you for the reply.

You said:

"Are you dead in Christ or alive?"

I'm sorry, but I don't understand this question. I am not dead or alive in anyone, except for me. I guess you could say that I am "alive in Aaron." As far as Christ goes, there is lots of evidence suggesting that he never existed. But if he did exist, he is most certainly dead now. By the way Doris, how does a person be dead OR alive "in" someone?

"Evil is live spelled backwards."

It certainly is. And racecar is racecar spelled backwards. But I’m not here to play scrabble; I’m here to talk about the meaning of life and death. Trying to equate being alive with the concept of evil through spelling games is somewhat silly considering the seriousness of Brianna Wilkins untimely demise.

"Death has always been an illusion and cannot exhist where life is."

I agree that death and life are mutually exclusive. But you said here that death is an illusion. Are you seriously claiming that Brianna Wilkins is not dead?!?! Care to support that assertion?

"Death is a lie and its appearance has no power."

Death is a word used to describe the concept of no longer being alive. So in a way it is a negative statement. But death is not a lie as far as I can see. Brianna is most certainly dead. I’ve seen people die in front of my eyes. It will take much more than your unsupported assertions for me to discard the evidence of "death" that I have directly witnessed in my life.

Why don’t you start with providing evidence that Brianna, my grandmother, JFK, etc... are not dead and never actually died?

"Many people are dead in Christ until quickened by the Holy Spirit."

So first you tell me that death is a lie, and now you are telling me that dead people reside within the dead body of Jesus Christ until "quickened"? I’m sorry but this statement is nonsensical as far as I can understand it. You might have to dumb it down a shade for me to grasp it. How exactly do living people exist as dead entities within the body of a fictional-or-dead cult fonder from 2000 years ago? And what exactly is this "quickening" process that allegedly removes the dead people from Christ’s body?

"The Holy Spirit is pure electrical energy and without that pure energy you are a mechanical robot or the living dead."

If the Holy Spirit is pure electrical energy, can it be detected, perhaps even contained? You know, we do have devices that contain, generate, convert, and otherwise manipulate pure electrical energy. Where does this Holy Spirit electricity reside? Earth? Perhaps the Andromeda Galaxy?

Last time I checked, electrical energy was not a singular, conscious, personal and acting entity. Since when did electricity get itself a thinking mind and a will and such?

And exactly HOW MUCH electrical energy comprises the Holy Spirit? A few Gigawatts? Maybe Terawatts? Electrical energy, no matter how much, is quantifiable.

And if the Holy Spirit is indeed pure electrical energy, why haven’t I heard this news from the guy who discovered it, Benjamin Franklin? Or why doesn’t the Royal Academy of Engineering have anything on this fact? Why hasn’t NASA, or the National Academy of Sciences, or some other group familiar with electricity spoken up on this little fact?

Is there anything at all from any recognized scientific or engineering body that attests to this rather revolutionary claim that the Holy Spirit is pure electrical energy? Where do you get this kind of information anyway?

"Some souls will choose to remain dead and will lose their identity, God forbid. Choose life not death. If we ultimately die in the end there would be no reason for us to go on at all."

Oh boy, now I’m really confused! A minute ago you said death was fake. Now you are implying that it is real. Which is it?

Furthermore, you seem to confuse the actual properties of death. You said that souls choose to remain dead. But I don’t think its possible to "choose" anything when you are DEAD! That’s the whole point: death = not existing anymore. If I, for example, am able to make a "choice," then I have to be alive to do so, don't I?

Thanks again for your reply, and I truly hope you can give me some clarifying answers, because your statements sent my head spinning and totally contradicted everything that I know regarding God, energy, matter, consciousness, and even existence itself.

Thank you,

Aaron Kinney


Aaron Kinney said...

LOL Olly,

Good to see you around btw. How are things going?

Anonymous said...

Going well, thanks for asking bro! I've been busier than shit, unfortunatly, and have had complete writers block for my own blog lately lol.

Been enjoying what I've read from the good old atheo-sphere lately though!


tn said...

Her 'arguments' left me scratching my head. That's the first time I've heard of an electric god or ‘living dead’, which I presume to be zombies, coming out of the mind of a Christian.

Such beings would be most interesting to see, but honestly, they seem confined to a modern science-fiction novel, and not a centuries-old adventure myth.

You handled the 'debate' as a cat toys with his mouse. It’s too bad Doris will continue to believe such oddities.

beepbeepitsme said...

RE: "Evil" is "live" spelled backwards.

And "god" is "dog" spelled backwards.

Anonymous said...

But don't you all understand? Jesus is susej spelled backwards. When looked at from a Kabbalistic point of view, susej represents the power of our Crystal souls in the God matrix of time!

How can you be so blind as to not see that only through spiritual sushi and the daily use of god water can we be saved!! The book of life tells us "Down the mountain, lies the path to the valley; only the river can wash away the sea."

How can you people not be aware of the resonance of the gong of eternity, within the hearts of our souls? Doesn't your spirit-crystal sing with the winds of your mind? Do you not feel the devil of the dirt and the devil of the dust battling for the interstellar aspects of the who-si-whatsis??

In the name of the God of all Books, and the Book of all Gods, I command the demons to enter your private places, and free your mind from reality.

*that hurt my head to write*


Aaron Kinney said...

Drunkentune Beep Beep, and Olly:

LOL! Great comments!

beepbeepitsme said...

olly: You are the grand master of "emotional woo woo language."

I prostrate myself before your sematically fuzzy wonderfulness.

And an amen ra, and a ramen noodle to you too :)

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ 'emotional woo woo languate'... I'll have to add that to my title:

Account Executive and Grandmaster Woo-Woo


Thanks BEep,


steve said...

Go(o)d ...... (D)evil
metaphors only !

fundamentalists spelled
backwards is

Anonymous said...

About the evil/live parallel, I hope someone's paying attention that this is really stupid. That works in English, which is only 500-1500 years old (depending on your definition of English). But it's not true in every language. For example, in Esperanto, evil is malbono and devil is diablo; and in German, devil is teufel and evil is ├╝bel. Relying on historical coincidences to make a point is just bad is all I'm saying; in hundreds of years, if our language still exists, these words will doubtlessly not mean the same thing.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I had such a brain fart yesterday. Here I go again. The German word for "live" is "leben." "Leben" spelled backwards is "nebel," meaning "fog." Pretty cool, huh?

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