Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Women are Invaluable, Religion is Worthless

When the sovereignty of a human being and the sovereignty of an ideology come into conflict, which one should yield?

The ideology.

Ideologies are only worthy of our adherence to the amount that they secure our freedom, happiness, and understanding of the world. Ideologies are concepts and frameworks that are meant to serve us.

Humans are not meant to serve ideologies.

So when an ideology comes into conflict with a human's freedom, happiness, self-determination, etc. It is the ideology that must be re-evaluated, or even discarded.

Such is the case with religion, and in particular Abrahamic religion.

In fact, Abrahamic religion has been undergoing quite a bit of re-evaluation over the years. And even some parts of it are being outright discarded because it keeps coming into conflict with the freedom and happiness of human beings.

Some old-timers and die-hards will fight for their ideology, and will try to subjugate other humans to keep their ideology intact, but in the long run, the ideology eventually loses. And Abrahamic religion is losing.

Abrahamic religion has had it out for women since its inception. Women have been tortured, murdered, enslaved, and completely dehumanized for over a millennia thanks to Abrahamic faith. All this has occurred because of the fact that females have a slightly different set of body parts than males.

In recent past posts, I have given numerous examples, quotes, and articles of the pervasiveness of anti-woman values found both in Abrahamic ideology, and in the minds of its adherents. And today I bring to you some quotes from Religioustolerance.org.

Religioustolerance.org has a few pages that contain some choice quotes and links regarding the re-evaluation and discarding of certain anti-women components of Abrahamic faith. These are some of the most anti-human and downright evil portions of Abrahamic faith, and are some of the most damning examples of the worthlessness of religion itself:

"It is grounded in the old Jewish understanding that women are less worthy than men. For a man to have sex with another man 'as with a woman' insults the other man, because women are to be treated as property." Rev. Jill. Nelson, pastor of the Sunshine Cathedral Metropolitan Community Church, commenting on Leviticus 20:13

"As regards the individual nature, woman is defective and misbegotten, for the active power of the male seed tends to the production of a perfect likeness in the masculine sex; while the production of a woman comes from defect in the active power...." Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica,Q92, art. 1, Reply Obj. 1

"And a man will choose...any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman...Sin began with a woman and thanks to her we all must die" Ecclesiasticus, 25:18, 19 & 33.

"And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her." Ecclesiastes 7:26

St. Augustine of Hippo (354 to 430 CE). He wrote to a friend: "What is the difference whether it is in a wife or a mother, it is still Eve the temptress that we must beware of in any woman... I fail to see what use woman can be to man, if one excludes the function of bearing children."

Martin Luther (1483 to 1546): "If they [women] become tired or even die, that does not matter. Let them die in childbirth, that's why they are there."

Reformation Fellowship of the East Valley, Mesa, AZ (circa 1995): "In the beginning God made man male and female. He made Adam first, and then made Eve from Adam's rib. This order of creation subordinates wives to their husbands in marriage, and women to men in the church. As an act of submission to their Creator women are commanded to submit to their husbands and to male leadership in the church. Women are not allowed to teach or have authority over men in any formal capacity in the church."

Randall Terry, head of Operation Rescue: "...make dads the godly leaders [of the family] with the women in submission, raising kids for the glory of God."

Its almost lunchtime, and I just about lost my appetite cutting and pasting that filth! But now compare those above quotes to this next one, from an anonymous writer of a "Why Women Need Freedom From Religion" pamphlet:

"The various Christian churches fought tooth and nail against the advancement of women, opposing everything from women's right to speak in public, to the use of anesthesia in childbirth...and woman's suffrage. Today the most organized and formidable opponent of women's social, economic and sexual rights remains organized religion. Religionists defeated the Equal Rights Amendment. Religious fanatics and bullies are currently engaged in an outright war of terrorism and harassment against women who have abortions and the medical staff which serves them."

Humanity needs women. Humanity is women. But humanity needs not religion. Humanity is not religion.

Kill the worthless religion. Stand in solidarity with our invaluable women.


Anonymous said...

What role do you think religion plays in work place setting... how does it affect the individual?

BlackSun said...

Aaron, excellent points. The oppression of women continues today in many parts of the United States. In our supposedly modern society, women are still treated as property.

Somewhere in the course of human evolution, women learned that their charms were much more powerful than men's brute strength. In fact, it was no contest. Every (heterosexual) man has at some point been humbled by a women he desired.

So a bunch of guys got together and decided that they didn't like this strange power women had over them. They couldn't cope with meeting women as equals, competing fairly for their affections, and taking their inevitable losses like men.

It's the basic need/power equation: Men want to fuck any woman, women want to "fall in love with" the "right" man. Hence, every woman is more sought after in the moment, than any individual man. So men have less power over any given woman, since the woman is by nature more selective. Every man (and woman) knows this equation instinctively. It's as familiar to both sexes as breathing.

So the men decided to change the playing field. Where they couldn't compete, they changed the rules. They were the original WUSSES. These 'men' wrote a bunch of scriptures whereby they could codify into custom and law the taking by force what they couldn't gain through competition or honorable negotiation.

What better way to do this than by declaring that 'god,' the supposed 'creator' of men and women, preferred men? How could 'god' consider women, who bore men from their own bodies, as somehow inferior? This bilge doesn't even survive the most basic test of logic or common sense.

Men experience their desire toward a woman, and instead of owning these feelings as their own desires, and acting on them, they supress them. Then they project their 'illicit' desires onto the woman. They claim it's because of the way they're made, or the way they're dressed, or a look in their eye. The lustful feeling is "all coming from the woman," and is therefore the woman's problem. Hence the story of Eve.


This caveman mentality is weak and disgusting. The scripture supporting it is like KKK agitprop. It should be illegal to possess or read this filth. It is institutionalized hate speech.

And the WUSSES who promote this crap should be ashamed of themselves. They don't deserve to get near a woman, let alone have sex with her. After all, they wouldn't want to defile themselves, would they? Oh, yeah--they do. Another example of their towering hypocrisy. Cowards, all of them.

Anonymous said...

Very good post Aaron. Sean, you are of course right. I think the best line I ever heard about men and women in a relationship was this (maybe a little paraphrased):

"It was probably 10 years into my marriage before I realized that I was being trained. My wife and I were in bed, and she said 'It's really hot in here'. I was halfway to the fan switch when I stopped. 'Whoooaaaaa' I thought, she had me completely trained... It wasn't ME that was hot, and yet I got up to turn the fan on."

That's from Bill Ingvol, one of the guys on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. And it's true.

The biggest problem is that men want to have some macho bullshit atitude about this. Face it folks, we are trained by the wommen that we are around, be it wives or friends. There's nothing wrong with this.

And of course the intelligent guy realizes that it goes both ways. We do nice things for them, they do nice things for us.

Sounds simplistic, but seriously, part of the reason that my wife and I are so happy is that we understand this. It's a joke between us. But it also is a good way of understanding equality, which is what these bullshit assholes who don't get women don't understand.


Roya said...

Just recently, the top moslim leader in Australia compared women to meat and claimed that women are responsible for being raped (I have his speech on my blog).

You know what was the responce from the moslim community? They were victimized and targeted, otherwise the westerners would not focus on such a small thing and would have focused on real issues like people getting killed in Iraq.

The muslim leader even went on to say that he will only resign if the white house was wiped out of this world.

Lexcen said...

Religious bigots are obsessed with sex. Shouldn't they be devoting their time and thoughts to God?

Anonymous said...


"Religious bigots are obsessed with sex. Shouldn't they be devoting their time and thoughts to God?"

They are so obsessed with sex because they know, deep down inside, that far more people would be happy and spiritually enlightened if they were having sex instead of attending church.

Think about it this way: how much more peaceful of a world would it be if every Christian woke up on Sunday morning (or Muslim on Friday, etc) and got laid instead of going to church?

THAT would be the route to utopia!


Anonymous said...

Man, SHIT! I lost everything I sat here and typed out! Grrrr I hate when that happens!

One more time and hopfully it will post.

The very idea that woman was created out of a man, is stupid and scientificly disproven. The Y chromosome is an incomplete X and the mitochondria DNA is 8000 years older than male DNA. Thats right the male species evolved out of the female millions of years ago to improve the offsprings immune system. Simple biology.
Women knowing that fact doesnt make us want to dominate and control men. It only makes us love them more. Men are one of us and come from us and no woman in her right mind wants to oppress and hurt her own creation. I know I dont! I love my son and husband dearly. I know they surve a VERY great purpose and that they even exist is a miriacl of NATURE.


Bill Ingvol, reminds me of my husband. He is getting his masters right now at NPS. Durring class one day while having snacks one of the women in his class was holding an empty plate getting ready to throw it out when my husband not even thinking grabbed it on his way to the trash. Another woman in the class saw it and said "now that is a trained man". My husband just laughted and said "my wife has had 15 years to do so, I better be". We joke around about it all the time too. It is only natural for men to want to please women and seek our approval, after all, they all have mothers. It is also natural for women to do for men cause we are mothers or potential mothers. Its called cooperation and women are notorious for it and men learn from it. It really is that simple.

I do agree with you, but I dont believe that a group of men just decided to hate women cause they were turned down by a few women. I have a hard time believing that some men are just barbaric asshole by nature. I believe that severe conditions cause men to turn on women. When humans live in good conditions with plenty of food and water and arent influenced by religious ideology and their barbaric religious rituals of childhood traumas, men are naturally loving and respectful to women. We saw that with the early Native Americans(minus the mound builders) and in some indigenous peoples that still exist today.

Maybe I am giving men too mush credit, but I see a lot of good in men, even if it is only a few men.

I dont think this was as good as the one I origanlly tried to post, but I'm rushing now cuz I have to take my son to a job interview.

Anonymous said...

So there's still so much hatred and violence toward us homos because of some misogynistic attitude that's slowly becoming obsolete. Talk about vestiges!

Luis Cayetano said...

Another wonderful bit of info to help put the religious fanatic fucktards back in their place: the male penis is actually a testosteronised clitoris. Human beings, by default, are structurally female during development. It's just that some of us have Y chromosomes that activated the production of testosterone in that early phase.

Anonymous said...

so, you're saying a clitoris is just an underdeveloped penis? i agree.

ps there are all types of "fanatic fucktards"

Anonymous said...

Please can anyone help with the following (despicable) quote.
"It always amazes me when women enter churches, What conversation could they possibly have with God"
This is a non faith based enquiry, simply a challenge posed to answer an absurdity.