Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Afterlife Belief Has Been Killed

Yesterday a friend of mine declared her deconversion to atheism to me. I was quite surprised, and pleasantly so.

My friend was raised Jewish, but wasn't the most strict observer of the faith. In fact she has led quite a secular life, but has always up until now considered herself a Jew. While she is aware of my blogging and other atheist activities, I've never really discussed the issue of God with her.

Well I stopped by her residence yesterday, and she showed me an email she received that shows some Iranian Muslims crushing an 8-year-old boy's arm by driving over it with a car, all for stealing a loaf of bread. She was disgusted by the photographs, as was I. She made a few pointed observations about the barbarity of the Muslim religion, and then she proceeded to commit total blasphemy against God in general.

She said "I'm not even gonna call myself a Jew anymore. I don't believe that shit!" She said that God is bullshit and that the idea of being created by a God with silly rules is ridiculous. She said that she didn't believe anymore that souls are eternal, which pretty much means that she Killed The Afterlife right then and there.

But she then said that she doesn't want to call herself an atheist because of the social stigma. This statement alone obviously implies that she considers herself an atheist. She said that if anyone asks, she will say that she is a Buddhist.

And that's fine with me. She's an atheist now as far as I'm concerned. The cool part is that she deconverted all on her own, and right in front of me. I had nothing to do with it as far as I can tell.

All it took was a little photograph series of Sharia law in action to give my friend an epiphany of sorts, and kill her own afterlife. These pro-afterlifers, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or other, are their own worst enemy. Their own crazy actions seen through the lens of modern, independent-thinking minds leads to a hemorrhage of adherents. Right on!


Moltisanti said...

gotta love it!!

Psychelfyn said...

It amazes me how much grief americans give atheists. I never realised until recently just how bad it is, but I come from the UK where it's no big deal to be a declared atheist.

Unknown said...

I'm very glad to hear about your friend's deconversion. However, I do want to point out that your description of the photos in question is inaccurate. This is actually an example of the decadence of capitalism, not the excesses of extremist religions:

Nice blog, keep up the good work.

olly said...

How is Sharia law in action the 'decadence of capitalism'? Sharia is extreme religous law. Go read NPR this morning even, you hear stories of a firebombing of a supermarket, because the vegetables were arranged to 'suggestively'. You hear of Goat herders being decapitated because their goats were not diapered, and the local Shareef's thought that they were too suggestive.

Believe me, this is religious extremism at work.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. The last picture shows the boy and he looks like he might be ok. You can't make snap-judgments like that when the photos and supposed description lack validity.

*Slaps blogger on the head* You're an atheist, you should be more intelligent than that! :P