Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Free Speech or Coercion?

I made another post about free speech. I get the feeling that I am having a hard time expressing the free speech principle correctly, so I took another stab at it. But this time the essay was much more political and not very atheistic (as if my last one was LOL) so I decided to post it on my political team blog, The Radical Libertarian instead of here. You can find the post by clicking on this link: Free Speech or Coercion?

I encourage all of my Kill The Afterlife readers to click on the link and read more about the free marketplace of ideas.


UberKuh said...

I haven't yet read your article, but what immediately caught my eye is that the Firefox button on the left overlaps your article and should be reduced in size or, preferably, replaced with a smaller image.

Interestingly, it overlaps in Firefox and underlaps (sic) in IE.

Francois Tremblay said...

UBERKUH, why not on firefox yet ? adopt firefox.

Aaron Kinney said...

LOL yea Ive aske Franc to mess with the formatting of that blog so that the articles dont appear below the sidebar.

UberKuh said...

Hehe. I primarily use Firefox, but I checked Aaron's code on IE to be sure it wasn't only a Firefox problem before I commented about it. Just doing my job (literally).

The Jolly Nihilist said...

"Either you support free speech for everyone, or you don't support free speech at all."

That idea really resonates with me. In my view, a marketplace of ideas censors nobody. Therefore, pacifists, warmongers, gays, homophobes, racists, atheists, Christians and Raelians--to name a few--all must be granted the beautiful right to Free Speech. Conversely, there is NO right to not be offended. Indeed, the right to Free Speech guarantees the right to offend people. Being offended is just the cost of freedom, and a cost I'll happily accept.