Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Civil Discussion

Hellbound Alleee recently posted something very enlightening and informing, for atheists and Christians alike, entitled "A Civil Discussion".

It explains quite eloquently the situation you are in if the Abrahamic God and His accompanying afterlife really do exist. Read it, and then thank God that God doesn't exist. Because if He did, this would be one evil motherfucking universe.


The Jolly Nihilist said...


You were right - that was terrific!

With respect to hell, I just loved what Richard Carrier said during the movie The God Who Wasn't There. Brian Flemming asked Carrier if he would be regretful if, when he died, he ended up in the Christian hell. Carrier said not at all; indeed, the Christian heaven would be a true hell for him. He pointed out that, if he knew billions of people were suffering agonizing torture for all eternity, and he couldn't do a thing about it while sitting up in heaven, that would be the worst afterlife he could imagine.

The very concept of hell demonstrates the inherent immorality of Christianity. No virtuous religion would envision a place filled with agonizing tortures and horrendous suffering. Envisioning such a place seems downright psychopathic.

Error said...

Aaron, since you hi-jacked my thread, I thought you wouldn;t mind if I posted osmething off-topic. Now's your turn to shine,