Monday, December 05, 2005

Shout Out

I would like to use today's post for a couple of shout outs. Recently, Francois Tremblay and I started a blog known as The Radical Libertarian. We currently have 5 writers for the blog, and more may join in the future. It is a blog that discusses political and philosophical issues from a Libertarian and rational individualist perspective, and being that it has some of the most radical positions in today's political spectrum, it is aptly named. So check it out. If you are an atheist, you will be intrigued and inspired by it's pro-individual, pro-science views.

The other shout out goes to the Hellbound Alleee show. Hellbound Alleee has two weekly shows, a one-hour recorded show, and a two-hour live show. Archived shows are available for download here, where you will find a wealth of relevant atheistic topics and a plethora of distinguished guest appearances, with names like David Eller, Zachary Moore, Normal Bob Smith, Matt Slick, Brendan Powell Smith, Derek Sansone, Jake Doelling, and even myself! To listen to the show, just hit the play button at the show's home page. You can also tune in at Freethought Radio, where the recorded show is on Saturdays and the live show is on Sundays. The live show features call in guests, contests, and a chatroom where listeners can discuss the show and talk with the hosts. There are many exciting upcoming guests, including David Mills, author of the bestselling book Atheist Universe, so be sure to tune in!

This concludes my shout out session.


Anonymous said...

no such thing as price gouging huh?

That's some fucked up shit from people who obviously have never truly feared for their lives in a crisis.

Try it when your mother gets brain cancer and needs a 220,000 $ operation. You sure appreciate the help (and non-price gouging) then.

Aaron Kinney said...

Dont just make silly claims. Please explain how a $220,000 brain cancer operation is price gouging. It sounds like a bargain to me.

BTW, I have feared for my life in an even more immediate medical crisis than brain cancer.

Francois Tremblay said...

1st of all, the expression "price gouging" is nonsensical. 2nd, higher prices in the health market are due to the price of medical education, the price of malpractice, and most importantly, insurance companies taking over a market. Also, in the US, insurance is skewed towards corporate insurance and against personal insurance. In most countries this is not the case. Finally, you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

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D said...

Whoa. I think my brain just tried to shut down reading that comment there.

It's kinda painful.