Thursday, December 08, 2005

Normal Bob Smith Comes to Hellbound Alleee Live

Normal Bob Smith, creator of the famed Jesus Dress Up magnets, will be on the Hellbound Alleee Live show this Sunday, December 11, at 2pm Eastern time. You can tune in via Freethought Radio or our Shoutcast stream.

Normal Bob Smith has been persecuted by multiple Christian groups for his art, he has been featured in the critically acclaimed documentary Bob Smith, USA, and his radio show, NoBS Radio, is broadcast on the Hellbound Alleee station. Normal Bob Smith also has a hilarious collection of hate mail correspondence on his website, and it's up to 246 pages as of this writing.

So be sure to tune in to the live broadcast this Sunday!


Anonymous said...

For someone who claims to be a libertarian, you sure do seem intent on regulating other people's beliefs, and curtailing their practices.

Unless by libertarian, you mean that you are free to lead your life the way you want, and everyone is also free to lead the life (you want them to).

Aaron Kinney said...

My actions are wholly consistent with libertarianism.

What I am doing is espressing my views in a free marketplace of ideas. I fully support both the Christian's and the atheist's right to freely express their views. This is the essence of a free marketplace.

I do not try to "regulate" other people's beliefs in any coercive sense. All I am trying to do is present my views, and the justification for those views.

I would never attempt to "regulate" the marketplace of ideas by silencing or otherwise interfering with the Christian's ability to express his views.

I believe that ideas should stand on their own merits an nothing more. This is wholly consistent with libertarianism.

Francois Tremblay said...

"For someone who claims to be a libertarian, you sure do seem intent on regulating other people's beliefs, and curtailing their practices."

You don't know Aaron. Where do you get off slighting him like that, you fucking cocksucker ? Curtailing other people's actions ? What are you, some kind of pinko Christian who believes that anyone who disagrees with them is "curtailing" them ? Like Bill O'Reilly and Jerry Falwell ? Go back to Israel you fundie scum.

Anonymous said...

Dumbass. Aaron is one of the most open-minded people around. Go take your talk to Vox Day or some other theocratic asshole who calls himself a "libertarian".

Anonymous said...

Since I'm not able to comment on your Libertarian blog (grr, Blogger), I'd just like to give you a huge thumbs up for your fisking of archmoron Vox Day. Really, can someone who proposes disenfranchising have the population (that would be women-- Vox thinks they shouldn't be allowed to vote because they have "fascistic minds" or something) honestly be called a libertarian? Personally, I've dubbed him the leader of the "Libertarians Against Freedom" movement.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron, I just wanted to tell you that Vox Day is an ignorant pissant and sexual pervert. Anyone who claims that people would go on a rape spree without the dubious ethics of the Bible should be locked up preemptively.

That said, I was just wondering if you knew that there was another Aaron Kinney out there, and according to his blog he is a complete fucking idiot. Unlike you!

Aaron Kinney said...

Thanx Tanooki Joe and thanx Fux Dei!

Ya Vox is annoying. I actually just wrote a second blog entry about him in response to a rather underwhelming response he wrote to me. You can find it at the Radical Libertarian blog.

Wow theres lots of other Aaron Kinneys out there! Now I know of a third one thanx to Fux Dei. I already knew of the writer...

Its gonna be hard for me to develop an identity on the 'net with all these Aaron Kinneys running around. Maybe I should change my name? Any suggestions? ;)

Anonymous said...

Aaron, you have a great Biblical name. You should keep it.

On the other hand, you really ought to go and straighten out your namesake. He may be only 14 years old, but he looks like he is blooming into a real knucklehead.


"I believe that the King James Version of the Holy Writ is the only authentic Word of God, and it is the only one that is not subject to possible tainting. The Bible says that the only men capable of conprehending the Bible are those 'filled with the Spirit', and modern translations may lack those characteristics."

"Pre-marital sex is extremely refuted in the Bible in Leviticus and various other parts. Christians don't engage in this kind of conduct."

"I believe that Alcohol is not to be consumed by any Christian (in accordance with Proverbs Chapter 20, Verse 1). This includes wine, beer, and any other form of distilled beverage classified as alcohol. I do not believed it was consumed by Jesus at the Last Supper, and I believe it is impossible to know whether his Faithful Disciples did the same or different."

"I do not believe it is proper for a woman to wear men's clothing, or men to wear women's."

"I believe that Stem-Cell Research is an Abomination to the United States, and it should be outlawed. Those who condone this practice for sick people at the expense of others are no better than heathens."

"I believe homosexuality is lust, and it is refuted by the Holy Writ in Leviticus Chapter 20, Verse 13, and thus it must be Satan 'hooking the jaw' of lusting people, who might be otherwise not indulging in such practices. Lesbianism is lust, and no matter how tantalizing it may be to some men to watch, is also lust, and therefore sinful."

"I believe Sex should be reserved for marriage, and that all resources committed to ending the Sacred act of Sex during Marriage should be effectively put down and restricted from humanity." [?]

"When the day that God is removed from all government and civil matters in this nation, I am convinced it will come, is the day we are bestowed with the responsibility and right to overthrow it; the day we are entitled to do what is necessary to carry out this 'New Revolution' unless it infringes upon the Holy Law itself. No, the Constitution is not the Supreme Law, I don't care what anyone says, the Ten Commandments are the Supreme Law of this nation. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, I say 'all to the Glory of God!', and this nation should be nothing but that, to the greater Glory of God..."

"I am a Creationist, Fundamentalist Christian, Middle-school student, and Neo-Conservative. Though I am, in no way, in the least bit surprised, as of course, all you Secularists do is refute anything that isn't rooted in Atheism and Humanist ideals. However, I am not just rallying for Christianity, no. The way you're writing editorials, it seems to me you are hostile to any and all religions. And that, is nonsense. Again, I am not very surprised, as Great Britain is not in the least bit religious. There seems to be more Druids, Pagans, and Wiccans in the United Kingdom than there are Anglicans, and Anglicanism is practically [!] an established Church in that nation."

"So my point is, everything that comes out of a Secularists larynx is biased, something that should not be tolerated in the media. I don't think this kulturkampf will ever end, but somehow, it must be silenced."

"Look at it this way, folks, I am the exact polar opposite of a Libertarian."

Someone needs to save this kid!

Francois Tremblay said...

Sounds like that Vox Day moron we've been arguing against. Except he has the delusion of thinking he's a libertarian.

Anonymous said...

"Look at it this way, folks, I am the exact polar opposite of a Libertarian. I do not believe that Existentialist Christianity is a valid theological philosophy, I do not believe in personal rights/freedoms, and I believe every individual has an obligation to God, regardless of how they feel about it or what they want. I believe that if government grants too much rights to its citizens, the citizens will become hedonists, and I believe that government power should be used to limit immorality in a nation. With the power government has, why not use it to moralize a country? Government, with its power at the current stage at time, should not work against God, but work with Him. The Legislature and the Judiciary could pass and interpret Faith-based Amendments, ban abortion/Stem-Cell Research, ban homosexual marriage, and give special recognition to Christianity. Government if it is good, should have its power increased, and limit personal freedoms. With personal freedoms, and giving an individual the right to do as they wish, becomes reckless, and many times, chaos ensues, and it develops into an Atheistic-Anarchy. Call me a Republican, call me a Latter-Day Federalist, call me what you wish, but I, am a Christian.

For two guys with such similar names, you do take rather different stands on issues.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what this means? We've discovered an entrance way to an alternate universe where people are the exact opposite of what they are in this universe!

I can't wait to meet Bizzaro Tanooki Joe. I'm sure he'll be tall and handsome.

Anonymous said...

I love it when Christians have the gonads to just right-out say that they're anti-freedom.

Aaron Kinney said...

Funny you should mention that. I was named after the Bible character, Aaron.

Aaron Kinney said...

At least I'm getting some publicity! Anyway, that Fux Dei dude, get's on my friggin' nerves. Thanks for degrading me, I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

All he did was quote you. If you think that's degrading, maybe it's not him who 's the problem.

Aaron Kinney said...

That was really funny having someone come in here and pretend to be me. The poser doesnt have the requisite Mustang pic though.

Aaron Kinney said...

Wait, I take that back. It looks like that really IS another Aaron Kinney! OMG they were telling the truth! :-O

Aaron Kinney said...

"Wait, I take that back. It looks like that really IS another Aaron Kinney! OMG they were telling the truth! :-O"

That's my birth name. And no, I was not, and am not lying. Don't know why I would pretend to be something I resent. I don't like the newer Mustangs, I like muscle cars, and in addition, I would much preferable own a BMW 760i, my fav.