Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Schiavo's Dead, But The Discussion Isn't

I know that the Schiavo thing is old and tired, but there are new and very relevant developments in her story, and considering that this is an anti-afterlife blog, it would be immoral for me to not discuss these developments, so bear with me.

The autopsy for Terri was recently completed, and CNN posted an article about the autopsy results. Just to get this out of the way, they found no signs of trauma or abuse from her husband. But let's focus on the most important part of this entire autopsy. Medical examiner Jon Thogmartin had this to say:

"The brain weighed 615 grams, roughly half of the expected weight of a human brain. ... This damage was irreversible, and no amount of therapy or treatment would have regenerated the massive loss of neurons."

This quote, along with the videos that everyone has seen, should make the consciousness-material brain dependency perfectly clear. For the afterlife-believers out there, think about the implications of these circumstances.

Terri was a non-functional human being with a decomposed brain that weighed half the size of a normal adult brain. Her consciousness deteriorated in direct proportion to the material deterioration of her brain. So if there is an afterlife, what happened to her consciousness? Did certain parts of her cognitive ability just float away and wait around for the rest to follow? Do you think the parts of her consciousness without brain matter to support them were waiting in the spirit realm to be reunited with the remainder of her mind once her body fully expired?

Do you think that her memories, which have shown to be composed of material electronic impulses and neural connections inside the brain, could still have "existed" in some other realm even without material support, and then can somehow be reattached to the rest of her consciousness after her death?

No doubt, pretty much all the afterlife-believers would answer yes to these questions. Well, I think that this presents a bit of a problem. To insist that the consciousness is not dependent upon material support for existence is to deny that material conditions can affect it. Therefore, I contend that if the afterlife exists, and material conditions do not affect a consciousness, then Terri Schiavo should have retained all of her conscious capabilities regardless of the condition of her brain. I contend that those portions of her consciousness would never have left her and that Schiavo would have still had full use of her mental facilities and memories regardless of the degree of deterioration of her brain.

If the consciousness truly was not dependent upon a material brain for existence, then it would not be negatively affected by brain damage or deterioration. Therefore, these portions of her consciousness would never have separated from the rest of her mind in the first place.

I contend that the fact that she lost mental capabilities from the deterioration of her brain is proof that her consciousness is affected by her material brain and that it cannot exist without material support.

If the afterlife-believer were to accept falsifiability for their position, then it would have just been proven false in the previous paragraph. If an afterlife-believer, setting up an unfalsifiable version of the afterlife claim, can say that consciousness will exist without material support, then I can use their same argument to insist that my Windows XP operating system will continue to exist after I smash the hard drive into a million pieces. Neither of those arguments would be falsifiable if "immaterialism" is to be incorporated. But if a material, quantifiable standard is employed (detectability of brain waves or other electric signals) then both of those arguments would be proven false.

In previous blog entries, I have given examples of machines that can detect, measure, and interpret thoughts. These thoughts are purely material, they require specific components of a functional brain to exist, and each kind of thought is quantifiable and distinct from the other. In previous blog entries, I have also discussed the burden of proof. I have met the burden of proof regarding the material dependency of the brain. No afterlife-believer has met the burden of proof to support the contention that consciousness can exist without a brain (organic or synthetic).

My proposition (dependency on matter for consciousness) is falsifiable. I never argue against the afterlife with any unfalsifiable argument, for an unfalsifiable argument is no argument at all. Most of the afterlife-believers' arguments are not falsifiable (therefore defeating themselves), and when they are falsifiable, they get proven false very quickly thanks to the evidence I have presented in this blog.

Terry Schiavo's consciousness was dead years ago and this autopsy proves it. Terry Schiavo did not pass into any afterlife. Her consciousness is not eternal; it only existed as long as her brain was able to support it. Terri's consciousness did not exist before she was born, and it doesn't exist anymore now that she is dead.

There is no afterlife.


D said...

Just wait for the death-heads to spin this as a story of how the doctor was paid off, or some equally ridiculous explanation.

They can't do without their fantasies.

Delta said...

Yeah, the fact that the brain's functions depend on the material in the brain was one of the things that helped me distance myself from modern religious beliefs when I was younger. The soul is just such a silly, silly concept.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know anything? The liquified parts of her brain are waiting for her up in heaven! Any and all body parts she lost will be waiting. She will have piles and piles of old hair and fingernails waiting, along with a mound of flaked off skin cells. It is really quite obvious when you think about it. Her real, pre-PVS personality will be there too. Jesus was keeping it in a jar until she got there.

hashishan prophet said...

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Delta said...

It's also very sad about how they treated her poor husband. They demonized him for no reason. As if he wasn't going through enough already.

Aaron Kinney said...

hashishan prophet,

After reading your post and your blog, I have determined that you are crazy. I will leave your comment in my blog as evidence of what religious and afterlife beliefs do to peoples minds.

Hellbound Alleee said...

Aaron, this person has plagiarized from at least three websites, word for word. She/he/Ted Jesus Chrits God, or whoever, can't even come up with an original thought. Check out the comments on my blog for the websites.

Delta said...

Woah, that guy was being serious. I just thought it was a joke that wasn't funny. If he's serious that is really sad. It really makes you appreciate your own sanity all that much more.

Aaron Kinney said...

This is true delta.

Check out Hellbound Alleees comments section now. I provided a challenge to the hashish jesus.

Anonymous said...

Let's be hypothetical for a moment...Say there is a soul...The brain would act as a 'gateway' of sorts, or a tool through which the soul of a person can interact with our world...would it not be fitting that, as a brain is damaged or incapacitated, so too would the ability of the soul to communicate with this world?
Just some food for thought...