Monday, June 13, 2005

A Little Off-Topic, But...

I made this blog to tackle a somewhat under-addressed issue inside the atheist evangelical community: afterlife belief. All of my blog entries thus far have been about deconstructing afterlife belief. But today is different. Today is the first (although likely not the last) time I make a blog entry without any aferlife belief discussion.

The wonderful owners/writers of three blogs, The Evangelical Atheist, Atheist Revolution, and Freethought Weekly, got together and created a hub of sorts for atheist blogs and information sites! The hub is known as Atheism Online. I have of course placed a link to this site on my links sidebar.

So if any of you readers have of, or know of, atheist blogs, go check out the listing at Atheism Online. If you don't see the site listed, then add it! They also got a forum to chat in and a registration feature to utilize more site features. I suggest you all check it out.

And one more thing: The Evangelical Atheist recently ran a haiku/senryu contest, and I got three haikus selected as winners in the contest! Woohoo! Here are my winning haikus:

Pretends you have a problem
Then sells you the cure

Communism’s dead
Christianity’s dying
Humanism rules

In a modern world
People will still kill for their
Invisible friend

You can find all the winning haikus here. Boywonder and some other people also have some excellent haikus on the page, and I think you will enjoy them.

And now back to our regularly scheduled deconstruction of afterlife belief.


Anonymous said...

"atheist evangelical community"

The WHAT? Since when do atheist evangelize? I'm totally offended by that characterization.

Aaron Kinney said...

LOL you are offended eh?

It refers to atheists that attempt to spread atheism. If that term offends you, then I imagine that the website The Evangelical Atheist must really piss you off.

Anonymous said...

I wanted you to know I enjoyed your haikus. I hope I AM does another contest soon. I really enjoyed that one! Although I ended up walking around for a couple of days completely distracted while thinking of haikus, it was worth it. Since you didn't have an afterlife topic, I thought I might suggest a topic (especially since I think we butt heads on this one!): When do you think we as humans (homo erecti or homo sapiens or whatever) first 'organized' religion? Where? when? Why? I know that leaves the door wide open for way too much thought, but I was curious to see your opinions.