Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cartoon Jesus Destroys the World

Jesus doesn't seem like a very nice guy.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and before he comes and destroys the world..... He'll be up in heaven jerking off almost continually! Like his followers....

Bahnsen Burner said...


I was reminded of my cartoon universe analogy of theism when I saw your blog post. A cartoon Jesus engaging in mass destruction. What a delightful fantasy.

Incidentally, not one of the folks in the salvation line looked like Cornelius Van Til. What happened? The way he carried on, I was sure he numbered among "the elect."

A bit later I thought of you when I saw this news article:

Italian Worshiper Tears Both Eyes Out at Mass.

Not exactly a qualifying applicant for the Offspring Murder Club, but he definitely warrants an honorable mention for effort.