Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scientology vs. Anonymous

I never liked Scientology. And neither does anonymous. Who is anonymous, you ask? Let the video explain it to you:

Anonymous is basically those who populate the internet. Anonymous considers themselves to have power in numbers, and power in anonymity. I tend to agree, more or less.

But what I really agree with is the war being declared on one of the most notorious modern-day pro-afterlife cults, Scientology. These people suck. I've had a few run-ins with Scientologists before, and it wasn't pretty (in one encounter, the auditor angrily snatched the Dianetics book out of my hand after I politely told him that I don't believe in the afterlife). These people are nasty, and they deserve to have their beliefs ridiculed.

What will come of this? Nobody knows yet. The war doesn't officially start until February 10th. I'm not getting my hopes too high up, as anonymous is notoriously fickle and elusive. But I hope anonymous does something of significance, for the benefit of all the other anonymouses out there.

Hat tip to BlackSun Journal.


Anonymous said...

I wonder who will win :)

John Morales said...

Scientology is exceptionally silly, but this will raise its profile, and provides an excuse to paint it "the underdog".

That said, I too am curious as to how this will develop.

mothpete said...

That was kind of chilling, but in a good exciting way.

Reason's Whore said...

I saw this before and I also thought it was cool. But I wondered why Scientology, which has not done a fraction of the massive harm most big religions have done.

Test run? Personal vendetta? Be interesting to see if it amounts to anything.

Aaron Kinney said...


Some other anons asked the same thing. But I believe that Scientology was picked for a number of reasons

1) Smaller, easier target than, say, the catholic church
2) More visible and sensational presence on the internet
3) Tom Cruise

Anonymous said...

"I saw this before and I also thought it was cool. But I wondered why Scientology, which has not done a fraction of the massive harm most big religions have done."

On what basis do you make this comparison? Specifically, are you suggesting that the length of time each religion has been in existence is irrelevant? Scientology has only been around for sixty years; most of the "big religions" have histories easily thirty times that. If you ask, for example, "why pick on Scientology, when they've only done a fifteenth of the harm done by the Catholic Church?" what you're really saying is that they are doing damage at twice the rate of that "big religion". (I personally think it's absurd to try and compare harm in that way, but it's even more absurd to say "Well, because the Catholic Church was behind the Crusades, every self-proclaimed religion which wasn't even in existence when the Crusades started should be left alone.")

Michele Boselli said...

I don't understand what's going on. an anonymous has declared war on Scientololy and something big (what?) is going to happen on 10 February? please explain. well, don't, I'll search the web anyway for more info.
I can tell you that in Italy as well they are brain-washing people with poor intellects, taking advantage of them to squeeze money out of them. but then again, as someone has already pointed out here, the Roman Catholic church is no different, just much more powerful as a target.

PS: I've given a link to your fine blog - visit mine and see if you like to reciprocate. ciao! :)

breakerslion said...

I have made my views on this disgusting scam of a cult well known. If you wonder what makes them worth picking on, check out Operation Clambake

Anonymous said...


wade419 said...

my roommate showed this video to me last week. Today, I saw a flyer for a meeting here on campus - all the flyer said was: "Anonymous. Expect us." with a date and time.

I don't know what I think about this Anonymous group yet, but I sure know what I think about Scientology.

I'm sincerely considering going to this meeting.


Aaron Kinney said...


Not a bad idea. Maybe you should show up and check it out, for curiousity's sake. See if they are planning anything interesting and fun, as long as its legitimate and legal protesting.

John Morales said...

We're into the second third of February, with nothing of significance that I can see.

Anonymous said...

The next Anonymous anti-Co$ protests will take place worldwide on March 15. Not about beliefs, but about child labour, 'disconnection' from families, civil and human rights abuses, mysterious deaths and suicides, mental and physical abuse, enforced abortions, the pyramid selling scheme, tax exempt status gained in exchange for dropping 2200 lawsuits against the IRS, the 'Fair Game' policy... The protest is about the corrupt core of Scientology, not the beliefs of its followers.

For more information see

Anonymous said...

if this doesn't change your mind about Scientology, then nothing will.