Saturday, August 25, 2007

God's Stormtroopers

CNN recently began broadcasting a 6 hour series called "God's Warriors."

It's basically a documentary that showcases how god's interests and humanity's interests are diametrically opposed. A somewhat surprising, but certainly welcomed, admission from mainstream media.


vjack said...

I was also happy to see that they gave Christian extremism equal time as Islamic extremism. It is about time we start realizing there is a threat right here at home.

Anonymous said...

God and over and out God. Are they trying to show America as a God. Loosely "I have a message from god..." (George W. Bush). Clearly not the same thing. God is everything. God is here and there. Who should preclaim his will ?

mnuez said...

Wow. I just clicked on "comments" to make the exact opposite point. I think that the series sucks primarily BECAUSE they give Christianity, Judaism and Islam equal time as God's warriors. VJack's glee at our 'starting to realize there is a threat right here at home' is ridiculous. Of course there's a threat and we've always known there was a threat and that's why there's an ACLU and that's why Moore had to remove the Ten Commandments from the courtroom, etc. But you think that this sort of "threat" is IN ANY WHATSOEVER comparable to the non-"threat" but actual and REGULAR and WIDESPREAD violence that we see perpetrated by Muslims ALL OVER THE WORLD and that is generally considered acceptable by even more hundreds of millions of Muslims and that is often THE VERY LAW OF THE LAND in Islamic theocracies..???

I mean, sure, COULD theocratic Christians take control of the United States and start passing blatantly Christian laws? Highly HIGHLY unlikely, but as a bookie, I might give it a 1:100 chance of happening in the next ten years. COULD these laws start outlawing the practice of other religions? Against the EXPRESS and CLEAR first amendment?? Almost certainly not, but again, as a bookie, I might play it at 1:100. That is, IF they took power. So I'd say there's about a 1/10,000 chance that America could go the way of Iran (or Sudan, or Saudi Arabia, or Gaza, etc.) within the next few years. But Islam already IS doing all of this in all of these places. In Sudan they still fuckin have slaves. In Gaza, foreigners are kidnapped on sight (even Islam-supporters like BBC's very own Alan Johnston). In Iran, women accused of pre-marital sex get hanged on cranes in city squares.

So vj, and to some lesser degree KTA, what the fuck are you TALKING about?


P.S. I would have to revise America's odds of going sour to be slightly higher than the aforementioned ratio if God's "equal time" Islamic Warriors make another showing in the U.S. God's Islamic Warriors are not just a threat to America's physical security but a threat to our constitutional liberties as well. The only POSSIBLE chance some inbred shed-dwelling Christo-fascist has of seeing his sick dreams of a theocraticly Christian America come to pass would be if Muslims (through lots and lots and LOTS of big bombs) provoked it.

God's Christian Warriors are a problem.

God's Islamic Warriors are a bigger problem.

Aaron Kinney said...

Whoah, mnuez, calm down!

I understand why you think that the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam, Xtianity) are not equally dangerous, but that is only because of the way these different religious extremists get unequal amounts of attention in the media.

Ever heard of The Army of God? The Lords Resistance Army? Eric Rudolph? Timothy McVeigh? Dena Schlosser? Force Ministries?

Why do you think Christian politicians in America give free military weapon systems, INCLUDING NUKES, to Israel? Because they want to bring about the APOCALYPSE!

Did you know that in the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel, the Israelis have a kill score over twice as high as the Palestinians?

Did you know that most of the destruction that has happened in the Middle East in the last 4 decades, both against foreigners and during infighting, has been fueled by weapons that Christians sold them, or even gave them for free?

And since 2000, who has been responsible for the most innocent death? That oh so Godly president, George Bush!

All three of these religions are equally dangerous. They holy books are all equally evil. They are all cut from the same cloth; thats why these three religions comprise the "abrahamic" religion group.

The muslims have the most fierce use of rhetoric, which makes them look scarier. But the Jews and Christians have all the biggest weapons, the most money, and the most nukes. The Christians invade the most countries and cause the highest amount of innocent deaths.

Anonymous said...

People will always fight and kill each other and some will try to justify themselves with religion which is wrong. Faith should be kept off the field of battle and the true faces of enemies will revealed. Not to say all war is pointless, I mean hitler needed iced so there are good reasons and bad for war. I am completely against Iraq and that stupid oil bullshit, But Iran is close to nuclear armament, Islam is their justification(Not!), these fanatics may need to be taken down a notch. I am a christian but I agree on most of the points made on this thread. I was an agnostic because Too many people were killed by religious zealots routing out THEIR idea of evil. We need to look at the real situations bare and unbiased before thoughts of blowing each other's brains out.

Susan said...

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