Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kansas Khristian Klassrooms

Christians and other self-repressed prudes constantly whine that teaching kids about "safe sex" will effectively tell the kids that it's ok to be promiscuous whores. Now, I've always found this reasoning a little suspect. The first time I heard this line of arguing, I thought to myself, "Did Christians also complain during the introduction of air bags in automobiles that they would encourage reckless driving?"

Well, the website Burnt Electronics took it one step further. They have a little piece where this logic is consistently applied to all school subjects. In Kansas, of course!


Rose said...

This is why atheists and secularists need to be heard! The religious right needs to stop lying to our youth. Be honest, logical, and scientific. If we teach them it's ok to masturbate and experiment with porn, then they won't become promiscuous whores. Sexuality cannot be hidden. They become whores when parents lie and shelter (see: Catholic Schoolgirl Syndrome).

angelsdepart said...

The sad truth about that cartoon is how close to real a few of the captions are.

Aaron Kinney said...

I love how they use the analogy of other (nonsexual) safety devices telling people its ok to take greater safety risks, and therefore we should not have those safety devices. Like seatbelts and shit.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Hey, you know what you call a bunch of biology teachers holed up in Kansas?
Branch Darwinians. Hehehehe.
Oh, that error on my blog's been fixed (I think).