Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sam Harris Waxes Rick Warren

Newsweek sat down recently with Sam Harris and Rick Warren for a friendly fireside chat about everyone's favorite fictional character, God.

In short, Harris waxed Warren something wicked. The fat burly preacher couldn't hold a candle to Harris. Warren got the last word in, and promptly served his Christianity something special with a horribly ignorant Pascal's Wager appeal. It is truly glorious to see Warren do almost more damage to his own fairytale worldview than Harris did.

But perhaps my favorite part of all is early on in the debate, where Warren proudly displays his ability to see faces in the clouds passing over his head:

I see the fingerprints of God everywhere. I see them in culture. I see them in law. I see them in literature. I see them in nature. I see them in my own life. Trying to understand where God came from is like an ant trying to understand the Internet. Even the most brilliant scientist would agree that we only know a fraction of a percent of the knowledge of the universe.

Yes, Warren. We all see a butterfly when we spill coffee on a piece of paper and fold it in half. But some of us have come to realize that it is merely a coffee stain. We even developed a word to describe this phenomenon: Pareidolia. Hopefully, someday, you will realize this too.

I can only imagine what kind of bozo Rick Warren would come off as if he were in another field of study, like, say... astronomy!


Anonymous said...

Rick Warren does not have the reputation of being an intellectual superweight in Christian circles. That is not to say that he is stupid, he is just not the best appologist.

Dr Greg Bahnsen, or Dr Francis Schaeffer (when they were alive) were far better, and far more challenging intellectually. They were able to make better cases than Warren.

I guess that among the living,I would like to see Dr RC Sproul take on Sam Harris, although what I have read by Harris has not been impressive. All I have seen is Harris take snipptes of Scripture to support his preconcieved notions, and completely ignores the context of the text.

Another interesting matchup would be Harris vs Gary DeMar. DeMar has written many books blasting the Left Behind theology out of the water. Again, not sure if this would be a fair matchup, as DeMar consistantly lets Scripture interpret Scripture, and Harris is tried, and found wanting in that department.

Reason's Whore said...

Didn't you just want to punch Warren one when he said, "You just don't want a boss. You don't want a God who tells you what to do."?

What a friggin' retarded argument, not to mention zero insight into the atheist viewpoint. Intellectually dishonest indeed.

Of course I thought Harris made much more sense; I'm just not sure whether the typical theist would agree.

Anonymous said...

Just read the whole article. Warren did a little better than I expected, but it read like a sketch from Mad TV called "Lowered Expectations". Sorry, no intellectual heavyweights in this article. What a disappointing waste of time.

Aaron Kinney said...

Yes, but it was on NEWSWEEK :0

Anonymous said...

Totally waxed.

And could you believe Warren? "Sam, you're angry." "Sam, you're dogmatic."

But the best part was that after fallacy piled upon tired christianist fallacy, he resorted to Pascal's Wager for his last word. I was numb with the stupid. Still am.

Anonymous said...

From someone who would rather see children naked I don't think you're in any authority to see who got waxed.

Aaron Kinney said...


You are retarded. I dont want to see naked kids. Frank wants to see naked kids - he couldnt stop talking about it, and he was projecting.

Since you keep bringing it up, obviously you wanna see naked kids too.

And yes I am in a position to judge who got waxed. Your claim of "authority to see who got waxed" is a non sequitor.

Maybe you should pray more to your invisible space friend in the hopes of having better ways to troll on my blog, you pedophilic Jesus lusting homo.

HAHA looks like you just got waxed too! :P

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:"From someone who would rather see children naked I don't think you're in any authority to see who got waxed."
OH MY FUCKING HUMAN GOODNESS! (I got that phrase from Stardust over at GIFS, of course I add the F word to it. lol)

Let me help you with your issues about nudity. First off, clothes are not natural for every climate. Second, there are indigenous societies that do not wear clothes and also do not have the issues of rape and child molestation! Rape, child molestation, and over sexualizing nudity are products of patriarchal religious ideologies! I for one would much rather see children running nude freely, then seeing children forced to cover up in heavy restricting clothes for fear of some pervert lusting after them! If you are so worried that someone will find a young underdevloped child sexy, then YOU have some serious projection issues! Not to worry you are not alone, our whole society has been infected with your projection issues due to patriarchal religious indoctrination, unfortunately. And last of all, I really wish you christians would look up the statistics about who is doing all the raping and child molesting in this country(the US)! I certainly isnt the people in nudist colonies, nor the satanists, nor the pagans and nor is it the atheists!

Ok now that that is off my chest.

Thank human goodness for Sam Harris! He did a great job as always, but I would have much rather he gave a better response to Warrens claims that it was christians who started the slavery abolition, womens and human rights movements.

I am about sick and tired of christians taking all the credit for human progression, especially when they were the ones to fight against it every step of the way.

With careful research into our history, you will find that it was the Native Americans that influenced the slavery abolitionment and womens movement and the womens movement was the biggest influence of the slavery abolitionment movements that were organized originally by atheists and agnostics that became members of the Mohock tribes. I really hate how our christianized history is full of shit and rewrites history to make christians look good.

However, I did think Sam's answer was very good for his lack of knoledge of Native American history.


Chris mankey said...

"All I have seen is Harris take snipptes of Scripture to support his preconcieved notions, and completely ignores the context of the text."

You mean he takes god's direct commands it butcher women and children "out of context? That basically what they are. You don't like the fact that the god of the bible thinks that genocide is morally acceptable, do you?


"WARREN: ... If death is the end, shoot, I'm not going to waste another minute being altruistic."
WHAT 1st degree HYPOCRACY for anyone to say, let alone someone claiming to be a minister of God! If one claims to serve his Lord and others he is paid to render serve to, for no other reason than a promise of an after life, he is not only in the wrong business but must renounce his faith as being Christian, because he is NOT! Even if Warren felt this way it would be better for him to remain silent than speak and remove all doubt. If Warren was to find that there was no hell do you think he might also start treating people differently?