Friday, May 05, 2006

Ray Comfort Appears on the Hellbound Alleee Radio Show!

We just finished a half hour interview on the Hellbound Alleee Show with Ray Comfort! It was an excellent interview. Ray Comfort is well spoken, and a real pleasure to talk to.

For those of you who don't know, Ray Comfort heads the Living Waters ministry, and is the creator of the Banana Argument.

This interview is a must listen! Believe it or not, we got Ray to concede the Banana Argument. We also talked about Ray's "are you a good person?" test, and Franc asked Ray "have you ever told the truth?" You've got to hear this episode!

The show will be available for download on Hellbound Alleee's archives section tomorrow (Saturday) night. Also on the episode is a half hour interview with Edward Greve to make it a full hour episode before we upload it. Edward will be talking about The Block Universe. Don't miss it!


Zachary Moore said...

Holy Shit. I presume you used both counter-arguments set up in my Argumentum ad Bananum post?

Can't wait to hear it.

Aaron Kinney said...

Yes we did mention the arguments in your Argumentum ad Bananum post. Your post was a big help actually. And not to mention that you posted about that argument before it got all popular in atheist circles.

Youre a trendsetter ;)

Hellbound Alleee said...


Here's an interesting blog for you:

BJ said...

You and apparently Francisco miss the point of Ray's "have you ever lied before" question. It isnt the point that you have told the truth before as Francisco asks, but rather to show that according to God's standard of perfection you fail as well as Francisco. So you didnt score any points. So when Ray ask you if you have ever told a lie and you say "yes" than by Gods moral law you are guilty, guilty, guilty. However, if he ask the question and you answer "no", than you are lying and you go to hell with Alleee and Francisco anyway. For Francisco to ask if Ray had ever told the truth, and what does that make him is to miss the simplicity of Ray's point.

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