Monday, September 12, 2005

Museum of Geeks

In between receiving bogus email addresses from females, blogger Jeffrey Czerniak at made a post entitled Museum of Idiots which featured a post from my blog. The post from my blog that he featured is Rudolph the Redneck Christian Terrorist. It's one of my favorite posts because of its clever title (LOL).

Well, Mr. Czerniak doesn't seem to think so. He says that he doesn't need to read my blog post because of its clever title. Awesome! But I think that the title of his post, "Museum of Idiots," is much more clever. At this point I can't tell if he is criticizing my blog or not. His entry title has the word "idiot" in it, but he refers to my blog as "super-clever" and his links section has blogs like Jesus' General and Panda’s Thumb. Hmmmmmmmmm.

While I did like the title I chose, I didn't think that it was so clever as to convey the entire meaning of the actual post: That convicted Olympics and abortion clinic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph is a Christian that terrorized and murdered his fellow Americans for religious reasons.

On second thought, I wonder if he actually read the post? Maybe he really did just make a judgment by the title alone! I wrote him an email, asking him if he read the post and if the title actually conveyed the message sufficiently. I hope reviewers of my blog would at least be kind enough to read my blog before making a judgment on it. Come to think of it, I hope that all the human beings on this planet are thoughtful enough to examine the contents of any claim or piece of information before judging it. The fact that people don't do this often enough is the reason why activist atheists like myself even exist! Hey, I didn't reject the Bible before I read it, and I'm suspending judgment on Jeffrey's love/hate of my blog until I get more evidence. Look at that, we all learned something about critical thought!

By the way, I'd like to take this moment to say that I don't like it when blogs don't have any place to put comments. At least have one comments-open post a week. Who's with me on that one?


Delta said...

I'm with ya on that. I can't stand when I can't post comments. It makes me feel like the author doesn't even care what I think.... :(

hashishan prophet said...

don't allow the pollution of the gospel or maybe I will with prayerful promises and dedicated sacrifice I AM not satan I am YHWH and I can prove this with physical congress I would not resort to the female beauties they have vagina dentata be carfeul.

Aaron Kinney said...

At least hashishan decided to leave a short comment this time LOL.

Theres this one blog by Paul Manata, Press the Anithesis, where I was debating with him in the comments section of his site (hes n apologetic christian) then one day he remobved all comment capability and deleted the comments that already existed. I was so bummed! Talk about censorship.

His piss-poor excuse was "i dont have time to mess with comments all day" and I was like "Fine but at least leave the ability to comment for your readers. tons of bloggers leave comment abiliity without commenting themselves."


Francois Tremblay said...

I'm with you on this one.

Anonymous said...

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Aaron Kinney said...

Looks like hashish forgot to log in and posted anonymously instead.

I was just about to start worshipping you hashish, but your little error here made me remember that youre only a mortal human, whose shit stinks as much as any other person, and who will die in due time just like every other person.

Usually, people who think they are deities or prophets are locked away in looney bins? Why arent you in one? Or, maybe you ARE in one and the staff gave you internet priveleges for good behavior?

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya too. I'd say commenting is the major appeal of blogging. Otherwise, you might as well read a magazine.

Aethlos said...

Moi from Weltanschauung here... love it love it love it... this blog is delicious. Comrade.

Anonymous said...

Man, you are delicious aethlos! No kidding! You too, Kinney!

Aaron Kinney said...

Hey aethlos,

Thanx for the compliments! I just found your blog last night and I really like your posts. They are really smart and witty and funny, as well as intense.

And anonymous, I must agree with you: Yes, atheism is delicious. ;)

Anonymous said...

Post the email as soon as you can. If he returns it that is...

The Libertarian Defender said...

"By the way, I'd like to take this moment to say that I don't like it when blogs don't have any place to put comments. At least have one comments-open post a week. Who's with me on that one?"

I'm definitely with you.

Without comments, a blog is rather masturbatory...just a place for somebody to pontificate. The most appealing aspect of running a blog, to me, is interacting with my readers regularly.

Francois Tremblay said...

Ted has found your blog eh ? Now he's preaching here too eh ?

For those of you who want to learn more about Ted Jesus Christ God :

hashishan prophet said...

I am not Ted Jesus Christ that man has left the trinity of the Lord for refusal of the sacred rite of phallus removal he has discouraged the lord. I am seeking a new person divine to fill his vacant seat on the Triune Council

DUB said...

This hashishan prophet needs to bless mankind with some of his/her uh, hashish.

Anyway, I think this "geek" (Jeffery) is just assuring his readers that he is cooler than you. After reading his blog, it's safe to say the too of you share many beliefs. Except that one that goes: he's cooler than you.

People really get fake numbers? Fake EMAIL ADDIES?! LMAO. Oo-wee, that's golden.

"Geeks" are basically borderline autistics with a complete lack of social skills who try to big up their abysmal self-confidence levels with self-aggrandized hyperbolic claims of their intelligence. They usually exhibit smugly self-adulating behavior and suffer delusions of grandeur - both stemming from their own recognized inadequacies. Said feelings of low self-worth are often projected on others who possess the desired qualities, but lack the character deficiencies.

I often run into these sorts. They can never comprehend how I can be just as (if not more so) intelligent than them, yet be so confident, charismatic, and popular, attract beautiful women, and not be able to rattle off how much HP damage a 2d10 broadsword inflicts on an AC -1 paladin or differentiate the performance capabilities between Klingon and Romulan fighter class ships. Or something like that.

DUB said...

Please don't attempt to point out my apparent ignorance of the spelling of the number 2.


T-W-O. See?

Thank you.

BTW, did I mention my strong sense of humility and modesty?

Francois Tremblay said...

"I am not Ted Jesus Christ"


Aaron Kinney said...

Yea. He knows way too much about Ted NOT to be him LOL