Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Death to All Juice

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olly said...

Dude, haven't you heard of the Anti-Citrus League? Or the Orange Jihad? How about the Soldiers of Christ Lemon?

Some say there will be blood -- oh no, there will be juice my friend, there will be juice.

breakerslion said...

"We are the FDA. You will be homogenized. Resistance is futile."

Mikko said...


CashewElliott/John said...

haha, holy shit, funny stuff. Until crazy people start killing people at juice museums, christ. Speaking of Christ, I love how christians are so pro-israel, and, like my fundamentalist baptist inlaws, extremely so, and really defensive of jews, and yet, by there own admittance, the reason is that they need israel so jesus can come back and send all the jews to hell. JESUS. I thought water-torture was bad, I heard God does the whole bamboo in the finger nail thing, over coals.